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Create and Edit Projects


Projects are the cornerstone of a successful implementation of OpenAsset. Projects can be created and edited by going to the "Manage"->"Projects" section of OpenAsset. 


To access the projects area click "Manage" in the top navigation, followed by "Projects".

Project List

Scroll over the name of the project to see a summary of the project on the right side of the page. Use the filters to sort your project list by project name, code, keywords and projects synced with Deltek Vision



To create a new project, click the "New Project" button in the ribbon:


When manually entering in a project code/number, please take care to use the correct data. These codes will be used by OpenAsset to create unique filenames. Enter the project code and name into the correct fields.

Click "Create Project" to go back to your list page. Click "Next" to fill in additional project fields.


To edit information in a project, from the Manage Projects list click on the project name and then either 'Edit Fields' or 'Edit Keywords'. You can tag projects with keywords or update project fields on these pages. 



Link to Deltek Vision

To link OpenAsset projects to Deltek Vision you must have the Deltek Vision Connector enabled. 


From the "edit" project page, click the "Link to Vision" button the link that project to Deltek Vision. 


After you have linked the project with Deltek Vision, you will notice a "DV" icon next to the project code, name and other mapped fields. 


Visit these pages for more information on installing the Deltek Vision Connector and mapping fields to OpenAsset. 


You can delete projects in OpenAsset. 
In the event that you do wish to delete a project you need to select the project(s) you wish to delete on the manage projects page. By doing so the delete project button will appear at the top of the page in the options bar. Simply click this button to delete.

Download Spreadsheet

Click on the "Download CSV" button to create a spreadsheet containing project codes, names and useful summary information about the number of images. You can then use this data to create custom graphs and charts.

Hero Image

You have the option of setting one of the images from a project as the 'Hero Image'. The Hero Image is typically the image that best represents the project, although it can be changed at any time.

The best way to tell whether a Hero Image has been set is to look on the Browse Projects page. On this page a project's Hero Image will always be displayed before the project name in the list of projects.



You can set any image as the Hero Image for the project it is associated with by choosing the 'Set as Hero Image' option within the 'Details' tab on the image's File Info page.

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