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Project Keywords


Using project keywords is a powerful way of leveraging common project information. For example, when you tag a project with the keyword of "London", any files you upload to that project will automatically be assigned the London keyword. It's a lot easier to tag 500 projects with keywords than it is to tag 10,000 files. ​

Project Keywords

Project keywords are searchable in the search bar:

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They are displayed on the project list page found in the "Browse"->"Projects" section of OpenAsset.

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You can also set up a homepage "Browse Projects" widget that works as a keyword shortcut to the Browse->Projects page in OpenAsset. 

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Keyword Samples

Visit our Sample Keywords page for examples of project keywords. 

Manage Keywords

To manage your keyword structure, click "Manage" in the top navigation followed by "Keywords".



Keyword Categories

The first step in creating your keyword structure is to create the keyword categories. For example, "City" would be a category while "London" would be the actual keyword value. 

To create a category click "Add Categories" at the top of the page. 




Edit and Delete Categories

Edit the name or location of the keyword category by clicking the "Edit" link next to the keyword category name. You can also "Delete" the category and all of it's keywords by clicking the "Delete" link next to the category name. Note: Delete with caution. If you delete a category all of the keywords will be deleted as well. 




Add Keywords

To add keywords to the keyword category, click "Add Keywords" next to the category name. 




Move Keywords 

You can move keywords to another keyword category by selecting the keywords you want to move and then clicking the "Move" button in the ribbon. You can then select the category destination for those keywords. 

Merge Keywords

Merging keywords allows you to refine your keyword taxonomy as you develop use of OpenAsset. For example, you may wish to merge the keywords "Shops" and "Shopping Centres". This gives users easy options when they are searching for keywords.
To merge keywords firstly select the keyword category and the keywords you wish to merge. Multiple keywords from different categories can be selected at the same time. Once you've made your selections click "Merge".

Delete Keywords

To delete keywords firstly select the keywords you wish to delete. Multiple keywords from different categories can be selected at the same time. Once you've made your selections click "Delete":


If you would like to download a list of all keywords into a csv file (this will open with Microsoft Excel) click the "Download CSV" button.

Assign Project Keywords to Multiple Projects at Once

You can assign a project keyword to multiple projects at once from the "Manage"->"Project Keywords" page. Just click the keyword, followed by the "Assign to projects" button.

Manage_Keywords_Assign to Multiple Projects.png


Then select the projects from the menu. 

Manage_Keywords_Assign to Multiple Projects2.png

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