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Browse Albums


Albums are collections of images in the system for personal use or sharing. Albums take up no physical space on the server as they are just links to images within OpenAsset.  Users can have as many albums as they want and can also share albums with other users or groups.


Browsing albums allows a user to access a list of their personal or shared albums. Click "Browse" at the top of OpenAsset and then select "Albums".


View an Album

Click the album name to view all files in the album. 



Scroll Over

Scroll over the name of the album to see a summary of the album's contents on the right side of the page. From the summary on the right side you can:

  1. Launch the album in a Contact Sheet, tile or slide show view, 
  2. View RSS for integration
  3. Duplicate the album
  4. Set as current album
  5. Modify sharing
  6. Assign projects
  7. Click a file to go to the detail page




To the right of the album name you can click "Edit" to edit the name, description and whether it is a current, locked or company album. 


AXO_270_Edit_ An_Albums_Details_130321_V102HWA.jpg

Select Multiple Albums

Select the check box next to the album name to:

  1. Merge
  2. Change owners (if you have permission)
  3. Remove sharing
  4. Delete
  5. Search across multiple albums



Create a New Album

Click the "New Album" button to create a new album. 



Share an Album

Click "Browse" at the top of OpenAsset and then select "Albums". Once you are on the Browse Albums page you can hover over an album to get the album summary. Within this album summary is the option "Modify Sharing".




Clicking on this option produces a pop up window that allows you to choose who the album can be shared with. Simply type in a User or Group, select modify if you wish to give them the option of editing the album, and then click add. Once you have finished click the save button at the bottom of the pop up window.



Remove a File from an Album

Files can be removed from an album when on the album's search results page.

This page can be reached either by typing the album name directly into the search bar or by selecting the album from the Browse Albums page.

(In order to remove a file from the album you need to make the album your current album. This can be quickly done when on the album's search results page by hovering over any image and clicking on the "change current album" option. In the "select album" window that pops up type the name of the album.)

Once you have identified the specific file you wish to remove from the album simply hover over the file and click on the "remove from current album" option.


Remove Multiple Files from an Album

Removing multiple files from an album can be done through the carousel.

Similar to the procedure of removing a single file from an album you need to have the album you are editing selected as your 'Current Album'.

On the album's search results page simply select the checkbox below the files you wish to remove, by doing this you will automatically add them to the carousel.

Once all the files you wish to remove from the album are in the carousel click the 'Remove From Album' button.




After clicking the 'Remove from Album' button, although the files will have been removed from the album they will still remain on the page in front of you. Simply refresh the search by clicking the search icon at the top of the page on the right hand-side of the search bar to view the revised results for all the files that remain in that album.

Set a Company Album

On the Browse Albums page you can set any album as a 'Company Album' by clicking on the edit option next to the album name.




Select the 'Company Album' option from the pop up window, and then click save.



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