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Company Albums


Company albums can only be approved by certain users. They are ideal tools for sharing examples of "best", "most recent" or marketing approved images.

Access a list of company albums by clicking the "Manage" button and then selecting "Company Albums".


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View Contents of a Company Album

To view the contents of a company album click on the album and the images will be displayed. 

Edit Company Albums

To edit a company album click on 'edit'.


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The following information can be edited:

  • Album name: Displayed on the home page
  • Description: Displayed next to the album on the 'home' page
  • Album Topics: Choose topics of albums
  • Locked: Locks the album so that other users cannot edit or change
    the contents
  • Approved company albums: Only approved company albums can be viewed by users on
    the home page
Click "Save" when you finish with your edits. You will then return to the list of company albums.

Share with Users or Groups

Company albums can be shared with all users or with specific groups. To share a company album select the "Modify Sharing" link in the summary on the right side of the page. 


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Company Album Topics

Company album topics can be used to tag company albums. For example you might have topics such as:
  • Company Branding
  • Best Project Photos
  • Staff Portraits for CV's
Topics can be used to display only certain company albums on a Company Album Widget.  For example, if you have lots of company albums but only wish to display 'Best Project Photos', select that topic.  
If you want to control which albums users see and use, the administrator can set this in the "User Interface" section under "Default Home Page".   These settings can be locked to control user viewing.  Alternatively you can allow users to set their own preferences.
To create a new album topic, go to the "Company Album Topics" link under "Manage." Click the "New Topic" button. 

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Add Topic to Company Album

Company albums can have any number of topics assigned to them. To add a topic to an album, click on edit for the album required.

Select the topics you require and click "Save".

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