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Manage Albums


Albums are collections of images in the system for personal use or sharing. These albums take up no physical space on the server as they are just links to images within OpenAsset.  Users can have as many albums as they want and can also share albums with other users or groups. Administrators have access to all albums in the OpenAsset library. 

Manage Albums

Click "Albums" in the top navigation to see the full list of albums in OpenAsset.


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List of Albums

Use the "Type" dropdown menu to filter the list of albums. Select the type "Any" and then filter by album owner. This can be helpful if an employee leaves the company and you want to transfer ownership of their albums to another user. 

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Create Albums

To create a new album click the "New Album" button located at the top left of the page.

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Edit Albums

Click the "Edit" button next to the album name to change the name and set whether it is "locked," a "company album" or the "current" album.


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Scroll Over

Scroll over the name of the album to see a summary of the albums' contents on the right side of the page. From the summary on the right side you can:

  1. View the album in a new search
  2. Modify sharing
  3. Assign projects
  4. Click an image to go to the detail page

Select Multiple Albums

Select the check box next to the album name to:

  1. Merge
  2. Remove sharing
  3. Delete
  4. Change owners
  5. Search across multiple albums

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Set a Company Album

On the Manage Albums page you can set any album as a 'Company Album' by selecting 'Set as Company Album'.


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Change Ownership of an Album

You can change ownership of an album on the Manage Albums page. By simply selecting any album on that page a series of new options appear in the top action ribbon, one of which being the option to 'Change Owner'.


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Select the album you wish to change the owner of and then select this option from the action ribbon. This feature can also be used to change ownership of multiple albums at once.


Clicking on the 'Change Owner' button will produce a pop up window. In this window you can type in the name of whom you wish to change ownership of the album(s) to. You will notice that as you begin to type OpenAsset intuitively provides you with a list of availble Users and Groups from your system.


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Once you have selected the desired party you wish to won the album(s) select the 'Change Album Ownership' button at the bottom of the pop up to save.


Assign Projects to an Album

You can assign projects to an album. 


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This will list the album as a "Featured Album" on the Project Page. This can be used for many purposes, including assigning precedent photos to a project. 

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