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File Info Page


The file info page provides an overview of the data associated with the file. Users with permissions to edit the file and add keywords can do so from this info page. You can also view an enlarged version of the file, and see the different image sizes which have been created for that file.

File Details

From the image details page you can:

  • View keywords and other data associated to the file
  • View and use the image in the various available sizes
  • Launch the AssetBar by clicking the "Drag & Drop" button. You can then drag the image into any document
  • If you have privileges, you can also add or remove images, edit field data, delete the file and rotate the image 




EXIF Data in OpenAsset 

Some of the original file's embedded EXIF data maps directly to build-in fields in OpenAsset. These mappings include:


EXIF field->OpenAsset field

  1. Description (Title, Tags, Comments) -> Description
  2. Description (Subject) -> Caption
  3. Copyright -> Copyright Holder
  4. Author/Photographer -> Photographer
  5. Keywords/Tags -> Description

Character limits for EXIF fields:

  •  Caption: 100 chars
  •  Description: 29735 chars


EXIF data embedded in the original file is stored in OpenAsset. You can view this data by clicking the "Embedded data" button on a file's info page. 


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