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File Keywords


File keywords allow you to refine your search by tagging metadata relevant to individual files.

Keyword Samples

Visit our Sample Keywords page for examples of keywords.

File Keywords

File keywords are searchable in the search bar:


Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 17.33.25.png


File keywords that have been assigned to the file are located in the 'Keywords' tab within the file info page, under the heading 'Attached Keywords'.

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Unused keywords are located under the heading 'Available Keywords'. Attached Keywords are highlighted green and you can add or remove keywords by selecting them from this list.

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Assign Keywords to Multiple Files via Batch Edit

You can batch edit any collection of files from a variety of projects using the carousel. Simply choose the files you wish to edit by browsing through your library and selecting the checkbox below your files. Then click on the 'Edit All' button located on the carousel.

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 17.08.11.jpg

This feature allows you to quickly add or remove keywords to multiple files at once. On the right hand-side of the page in the the 'Keywords' tab are listed all the available and applied keywords for the selected files. The keywords that are applied to all files are highlighted in bold green:

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 14.02.0a.jpgWhile the keywords that are applied to some files are highlighted in pale green:

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 14.02.0a copy.jpgYou can add keywords to or remove them from all files by clicking on the '+' or 'x' symbols.

batch edit 1.gifAll the keywords in your company's keyword structure are listed within the 'Available Keywords' menu. In addition to the keywords applied to some or all of the files, the keywords highlighted dark grey are those which are not applied to any of the selected files. You can search for keywords using the search window.

batch edit 2.gif

Keyword Count

You can use the keyword count facility to track how many images have how many keywords. This could be useful for a number of reasons including: finding images that need to be keyworded or images that have only a few keywords attached that need to be updated.
To do this type the following into the search box "kc" followed by > < = or : and then a number. So kc>2 would return all the images with more than 2 keywords, or kc=5 would return all the images with 5 keywords tagged.
  • Kc - keyword count
  • > - greater than
  • < - less than
  • = or : - equals


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