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File Sizes


OpenAsset automatically resizes images and allows you to export them in a variety of ways. Image sizes allows you to define the parameters of images which will be made available to users. Access rights can be set for individual image sizes (see image size permissions).
To find out more about viewing and downloading different image sizes, click here

File Sizes

You can manage your list of file sizes by selecting Settings from the Manage menu.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 17.05.26.jpgThen select 'Image Sizes' from the File Conversion menu.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 17.05.46.jpg

Creating a New Image Size

To create a new image size, click on the "New Image Size". The following parameters can be defined:
  • Extension: Inserted into the filename when a new image is created by OpenAsset. The image size extension needs to be correct first time. It cannot be changed once the image size has been created.
  • Format: Image format (jpg, tif)
  • Colourspace: Image colourspace (RGB, GRAY, CMKY)
  • Width x Height: Pixels
  • Resolution: dpi


AXO278_Manage_File Conversion2.png


To edit the image size, click on "Edit" next to the size name. The following information can be edited:

  • Name – Name displayed on image size list
  • Hints of usage – Hints will appear when users hover over the image size in the image info page
  • Extension – Filename extension inserted automatically when image is created
  • Built in image size (if it is a special image size and certain values are locked)
  • Format – Image format (jpg, tif)
  • Colourspace – Image colourspace (RGB, GRAY, CMKY)
  • Width x height (pixels)
  • Resolution (dpi)
  • Crop to fit (rarely used)
  • Always create – Image automatically created on upload
  • Use for:zip, contact sheet and PowerPoint
  • Enabled
  • Display order – Display order on image size list
Make any amendments and click "Save" to save your changes. You will then be returned to the image size list.


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