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File Uploader


OpenAsset's file uploader allows you to easily add files to the library.  It also allows you to quickly add rich metadata and keywords to these files during the upload process.  

Browser Requirements

The OpenAsset uploader requires the use of IE10+, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Users of IE8 and IE9 will only be able to use our old uploader which does not allow you to assign files with keywords and other metadata during upload. 

Creating a New Upload

Click the 'Upload' button at the top of the page. 

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 14.43.48.png

This will take you to your uploads overview page:

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 14.42.41.jpg


To upload files, simply drag and drop files on to the page or click the green Select Files button to navigate to the files you want to upload.


Once you've dropped or selected files you'll be asked where to upload the files. You need to select a category to upload to. Administrators can control which categories users can upload to.


Users will be shown each category they're allowed to upload to, along with access levels and their default.


Selecting a category opens up the next step.  If you are uploading to the Projects category, the next step is to pick a project.  Start typing a project name or code and you'll be presented with projects to select from. Note: If the project doesn't exist in OpenAsset then you'll need to create the project prior to uploading. 


Step 3 (Partial Filename) and Step 4 (Album) are optional.  If you don't want to set these, just click the big blue Continue to the Uploader button at the bottom to begin transferring files.



Clicking on Album lets you select a current album to add your files to automatically once uploaded, OR create a brand new album for your files.  You can change this setting later if you want, even after you've begun transferring files.


Clicking on Partial Filename lets you select a partial filename to add to all the file names generated for your incoming files.  


Once you've finished with these settings, a new upload will be created and any files you selected / dropped will begin transferring straight away.  All new uploads start out as incomplete uploads, meaning they require completion before they are finalized and added to your system.  Files added are essentially in a staging area where you can add keywords and edit metadata, but no one else can see these files until you complete your upload.

Screenshot from 2015-06-19 11:26:52.png


You've now created a new upload. Next Step: Assign metadata to files and complete your upload. 

Editing an existing Upload

Adding more files to an upload

You can add more files to an upload at any time by simply dragging them to your browser window while an upload is open, or by clicking the green Add Files button at the top of the upload window to open a file browser.


When you add files in either way, you'll see a file placeholder appear letting you know the file has been added to the upload and is being transferred to your OpenAsset server.  Once transferred, a thumbnail appears and you can begin selecting and editing them. 

In order to attach keywords or edit metadata, you must first select one or more files.

Selecting Files within an upload


There are a number of options available to make selecting files easy.  Starting with intuitive mouse-clicks listed below.


Mouse Action Result
Left Click Select a single file only
Shift + Left Click Select all files between last selected file and current clicked file
Ctrl (⌘ on macs) + Left Click Add clicked file to current selection.  When used on an already selected file it will remove just that file from the current selection

There are also some keyboard shortcuts to make things easier.

Keyboard Action Result
Ctrl (⌘) + A Select all files
Ctrl (⌘) + Shift + A Clear current selection

Editing File metadata

Once you've selected a file, the right-hand section of the uploader will populate with that file's metadata.  The default rank and access level for the category will already be set plus any extra data that we can automatically retrieve from the file itself (such as copyright holder, photographer and any already set description or caption).  

Screenshot from 2015-06-19 13:04:06.png


You can edit any of the fields on the right by simply clicking on them.



 Any changes you make are then saved as soon as you click away from the field to do something else or press Enter.

Screenshot from 2015-06-19 16:02:27.png

Editing fields with multiple values

When selecting multiple files you will find that fields which have the same value across your entire selection will remain showing their value in the same way as when you select a single file.  However if files in your selection have different values then you'll see a warning in orange saying Has Multiple Values where the field value would usually be.



If you click on the field to edit it, you'll be shown the multiple values that exist in a pop-out.

Screenshot from 2015-06-19 16:19:00.png


You can overwrite the value by typing text in the field as normal.  You can also click on an item from the pop-out list of currently existing values to overwrite all selected files with.  

Attaching Keywords to Files

You can also attach keywords to files within your upload.  With one or more files selected, simply click on the Keywords section header on the right-hand side.  


This brings you to the keyword editor.


Adding keywords is as simple as finding the keyword you want in the bottom half of the keyword editor and clicking on it.  

  • If a keyword is highlighted Dark Green then it is already attached to all files in your selection.  
  • If it is Light Green then it's attached to some files in your selection, but not all.  
  • If it's Grey then it's not attached at all.  
  • Hovering over any Green keyword will give you the option to remove the attachment. If the keyword is Light Green then you'll additionally have the option to attach this partially attached keyword to your entire selection.


Adding Custom Fields to Files

You can now add custom field values to a file at upload.  Simply click on the Add More Fields button in the File Info section on the right hand side

Screenshot from 2015-06-19 15:09:29.png

A field selector pops out from the button, allowing you to select from any of the custom file fields available for this category.  Selecting a field from the list will add it to the File Info editor below the Add More Fields button.

Screenshot from 2015-06-19 15:12:06.png


And the field can now be edited in the same way as any built-in field, by clicking on it to edit.


Removing files from an upload

To remove files from an upload, select the file(s) you want to remove and click the red Remove Selected button at the top left-of-center of the main upload window. You will be asked to confirm the removal.


Returning later to the same upload

You can leave an incomplete upload at any time and come back to it later.  All changes you make to an upload are saved automatically after each change occurs - so you don't need tell it to save anything.  Just close the upload either by clicking the top right X button or bottom right Return Later button.  Or simply close your browser / tab and you'll be able to come back to the same place you left off later.


Note: If files are currently transferring (the thumbnail doesn't appear yet) you should wait for them to finish before attempting to close the upload. Files that have not transferred prior to closing an upload will be not be saved. 

Completing an upload

When you're done with your upload and want to finalize it, simply click on the green Complete Upload button.


You will be asked to confirm that you want to complete the upload, just to make sure you didn't click by accident.


Clicking the large green Complete button will then complete and finalize the upload.  All files in your upload will now be available in OpenAsset, with all metadata and keywording intact.  If you had selected to add files to a new or existing Album, the files will be added at this point too.  


If you want to view your uploaded files in OpenAsset search, click the large green Search for uploaded files button.


The upload will remain on your uploads overview page as a completed upload, so you can get back to the files easily if you need to find them again.  It also serves as a record of what was uploaded when and where and by who.


Shortcuts! Uploading directly to a project

There are shortcuts available to upload directly to a project.  When clicking on these direct upload buttons on various project related pages throughout the system, you'll be taken to the uploads page and be prompted to create a new upload with the Project already pre-filled.  


So with just a few clicks you can be uploading direct to a project you were viewing elsewhere in the product.

Screenshot from 2015-06-19 16:53:30.png

From the Project List Page

You can upload directly to a specific project by clicking on the Upload Files button on the project list page's right hand side project preview.

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 14.47.46.png

From Project Pages

A similar button is available on the Project pages.


Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 14.48.07.png

Setting up an Approvals Process

You can configure OpenAsset so that users can upload directly to the library. In fact, that is the default setup. But you can also configure OpenAsset so that users must submit their uploads to library Administrators for approval. This allows you to establish a 
"Gatekeeper" approach to uploading. 

Group Settings

Whether a user requires their uploads to be approved or not is setup in group permissions. 

Uploader_Approvals Permissions.JPG

Under "Category Permissions", the far right column lists "Automatic Upload Approval". If this is checked, then the user in this group can upload directly to the library without approval. If this setting is unchecked, then the users' uploads will require approval by the site administrator. In the screenshot above, the users in this group can upload Reference files directly to OpenAsset, but their uploads to the Projects category will require approval. 

Submitting Uploads for Approval

If a user requires approval, they will upload as normal when using the new uploader.  Instead of clicking “Complete” to finish the upload, they will click “Submit for Approval”. The status of the upload will be "Pending Approval".

Uploader_Approvals Permissions4.JPGAdministrators will receive a notification about the upload submitted for approval.  


Approving Uploads

Once an upload has been submitted by a user, the administrator can view all uploads. 

Uploader_Approvals Permissions5.JPG

Administrators can then open the pending upload, make changes, upload more files or remove files and then decide to approve or reject it.

Uploader_Approvals Permissions6.JPG

Once approved, the files will be added to the library and the user who uploaded the files will be notified. 

Rejecting Uploads

When the administrator rejects an upload, they can add a note so that the user knows why.



Uploader_Approvals Permissions8.JPG

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