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There are two types of watermarks in OpenAsset:

  1. A static watermark that can be assigned to an image size. The same watermark is used regardless of the image or project. 
  2. A dynamic watermark (on-premise only) that can be made available in any image size. This watermark can include project and image metadata, like project name, photographer, copyright, etc. 

They can both be configured in your settings: Manage > Settings > File Conversion > Watermarks

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 17.34.10.jpg

Static Watermarks

A transparent PNG can be assigned to an image size to create a static watermark. This watermark is used regardless of the image or project.

Configuring the Static Watermark

Watermarks can be positioned on an image (e.g. bottom-right) or tiled to cover the whole image.  This feature is valuable if you supply third parties such as clients and press with images. Watermarks are assigned to specific image sizes in OpenAsset. The watermark is not assigned to the original size. 






To setup a watermark please contact Axomic.and provide us with a transparent PNG. We'll add it to your OpenAsset system for you. 

Use Watermark

Since the watermark is assigned to an image size, you can drag & drop or download that image size as you would any other image size in the library. 

Dynamic Watermark (on-premise only)

The Dynamic Watermark feature allows you to create a watermarked version of a file which contains file and project-specific text. 
Dynamic Watermark.jpg

Configure Watermark

Configure your watermark to include the project name, photographer, copyright, and other bits of data. Pick the location of the watermark, the image sizes it will be available in, the color of the text and background, etc. 
Dynamic Watermark Creation.jpg
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