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Managing Employees in OpenAsset


The Employee Module helps you with the following tasks:



Watch this video for an overview of using the Employee Module in OpenAsset

Searching for employees

You can search for employee objects from the Employees page either by name or by employee code. You can browse employees in a list or tile view.

Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 14.40.41 2.pngScreenshot 2019-02-19 at 14.40.34 2.png

Sorting your results

Search results can be sorted by a number of criteria to help you find employees quickly.

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Creating a selection of employees

By clicking the checkboxes on image thumbnails, you can create a selection of employees. Once an employee is selected, you can continue to search for other employees. To view your selection of employees, click the 'Show Selected' tickbox.

AScreenshot 2019-02-19 at 14.59.42.png

You can then use this selection of employees to generate resume documents, or to attach image assets.

Generating employee resume documents

One of the key features of the Employee Module is the ability to generate formatted resume documents automatically. Instead of having to manually edit the text and images, OpenAsset will combine employee-related data with image assets to produce formatted InDesign files. The document templates are configured to the design specifications of your company. You can request additional resume templates, or changes to your existing templates, by contacting your Customer Success Manager.


To generate a resume document search for the relevant employee object, or create a selection of employees, then select the InDesign icon to download the resume as an InDesign file.


Attaching image assets to employees

Attaching images to employees can make the process of finding images featuring specific staff members much simpler. Once an image has been attached to an employee, a link to the relevant employee will appear within the 'Employee Info' tab on the image preview page. The image will also appear on the employee's profile page.

A Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 15.48.46.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 14.28.46.png

If you are working with an image that you would like to attach to a specific employee, select the ‘Attach’ icon from the top menu bar.


You can also attach images to employees from the Employees page. Select the 'Attach Photos' icon to launch an employee image search module. From here you can quickly assign or remove assigned images from employees, as well assign a Primary Photo that is visible on their profile page. The search facility will search on filenames and metadata across your system database.


Attaching employees to projects

You can attach employee objects to existing projects within OpenAsset. Employees' project experience will then be visible on their profile page, and employees and their roles will be listed on the relevant project page. You can add or edit an employee's project information from their profile page, where you can specify their role and the dates they worked on the project.

Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 14.50.03.pngYou can also attach employees to projects from the project page by selecting the 'Edit Employee Roles' tab.

Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 14.58.47.png

Managing employee information

Add a new employee

To create a new employee object, select ‘New Employee’ from the Employees page then enter the relevant information. If your company uses a naming convention for employee codes, make sure this is entered correctly.

B Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 11.06.44.png

Edit employee information

If your employee-related information is stored in OpenAsset you can manage it directly through customizable data fields. This gives you the flexibility to store any relevant data within OpenAsset without a complicated configuration process.

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API configuration

The Employee Module can be configured so that your employee-related data automatically synchronizes between OpenAsset and your HR or ERP system.


The main resources for developing an integration via REST API can be found on the pages below:


Employees: https://help.openasset.com/06_Integr..._API/Employees

Fields: https://help.openasset.com/06_Integr...EST_API/Fields

Files: https://help.openasset.com/06_Integr...mployees/Files

Employee Keywords: https://help.openasset.com/06_Integr...ployeeKeywords

Projects: https://help.openasset.com/06_Integr...oyees/Projects


Contact your Customer Success Manager for advice on best practices for configuring REST API integrations.

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