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Saved Searches


Do you conduct the same searches over and over? If so, then the Saved Search feature will save you a lot of time.


Simply perform the search once, save it with a memorable name, and then the next time you want to perform that search just type in the name of your saved search and select it when it appears in the search suggestions.


The Saved Search option can be found at the far end of any Search Trail you build.


You can even go one step further by creating a search widget on your home page that will really help to speed up the search process. To find out how to create your own custom widget click here.


To save a search simply click the save button located at the end of the search trail. When you click this option a pop up window appears. Simply enter a name for the saved search and click the 'Create Saved Search' button.


This saved search then gets added to Saved Searches 'Owned by me', which you can navigate to from the browse menu.


To view a Saved Search click the Browse option at the top of your OpenAsset system and then click the Saved Searches title on the drop down menu.


Clicking on the Saved Searches title takes you to the Saved Searches main page as displayed below. If you hover over one of the Saved Searches the details of that search are displayed on the right side of the page.


There are various methods for finding a saved search once on the Saved Searches main page. Start things off by choosing the correct saved search 'Type' from the Saved Searches filter menu.


If you know the name of the saved search then type it into the 'Saved search name' box and hit enter.

If instead you are looking for the search you just saved, you can reorder the list of saved searches displayed on the page using the 'Order' option. Choose the option 'Date Created Reversed' and the saved search you're looking for should jump to the top of the list.



To edit a saved search click the 'edit' button that sits next to the specific saved search on the Saved Search main page.


Clicking on this option generates the following pop up:


The following options are available from this pop up window:

  • Remove search terms from your search trail (hover over and click the x that appears)


  • Add search terms to your saved search (click the 'Add to search' drop down menu and select additional search terms)


  • Change the name of the saved search


  • Stop anyone else from editing your saved search by selecting the 'Locked' option


  • Make the saved search viewable by everyone by setting it as a 'Company Saved Search' 


When you are done editing your saved search click the 'Save' button to return to the Saved Searches main page.


Sharing Saved Searches can be split into two sections:

  1. Sharing with the whole company (a couple of easy methods to setting the search as a Company Saved Search)
  2. Sharing with an individual or group (a more tailored approach to sharing)

Share with the Whole Company

As mentioned at the end of the 'Edit' section of this page you can share your saved search with the whole company by clicking the option in the 'Edit' pop up window.

Another quick win for this task is to click the 'Set as Company Album Saved Search' option that is located in the saved search details that appear on the right of the page when you hover over a saved search title, on the Saved Searches main page.


Share with an Individual or Group

To share a saved search with a particular individual or group select the 'Modify Sharing' option from within the saved search details that appear on the right of the page when you hover over a saved search title, on the Saved Searches main page.


Clicking on this option produces a pop up window, as seen below, that allows you to choose who the saved search can be shared with. Simply type in a User or Group, select 'can modify' if you wish to give them the option of editing the saved search, and then click add. Once you have finished click the save button at the bottom of the pop up window.



To delete either one or more saved searches simply select the tick box next to the title of each search on the Save Searches main page. Then select the delete option from the top action ribbon.


Extra Options

  • Quickly remove sharing on multiple saved searches by selecting the saved searches and then clicking the 'Remove Sharing' option from top action ribbon


  • Quickly test a saved search by choosing the 'Search' option from the saved search's details that appear on the right side of the screen when you hover over the saved search title


  • Quickly duplicate a saved search by selecting the 'duplicate option from the saved search's details that appear on the right side of the screen when you hover over the saved search title


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