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Search Bar


Search for files using the search bar at the top of the page. You can select project names, keywords, photographers and other metadata from the search bar. Once you select a search criteria that term will be listed below the search bar in the search trail. 

Search Bar

Search for files in OpenAsset by using the search bar at the top of the page. Once you've typed in your first few characters, suggestions will appear that match your search criteria. You can search across project name, keywords, custom fields, photographers, and any other data stored in OpenAsset. 


Your administrator can control what fields appear in the search auto-complete. The fields used in the auto-complete can be managed in the "Default User Preferences" section of OpenAsset. 

search autocomplete_preference.jpg

Search Trail

Select criteria from the search bar and those terms will create a search trail, that sits directly under the bar. Add additional search terms to narrow your search results. 

Search trail.jpg

Clear Search

Searches in OpenAsset continue to build as you select new search terms. Click the "Clear Search" button to clear your search and start fresh. Clear Search.jpg

As you hover over a term in the search trail you will notice a red "x" appears at the far right-hand side of the search term. Simply click the cross to remove the term. search cancel.jpg

Saved Search

Do you use the same search combinations over and over? If so, save your search to use it later. 


Click here for more information on managing your saved searches

Exclude, Include

You will also notice when hovering over a search term that an 'exclude' option appears above the term. 

Search exclude.jpg

This option allows you to reverse the search for that term and brings back all results NOT containing the term.

When the 'exclude' option is clicked the option 'include' appears in it's place, this is to highlight the fact that if you click this area again you will be reverting back to including that search term in you search.


Important Note:

You can switch off the Include/Exclude function in your system, if you have admin privileges.

To do this, navigate to your System Preferences (you can quickly get there by choosing the 'System Preferences' option that appears under System Settings in the Manage menu dropdown), and then untick the box in the search section that relates to 'include/exclude controls'. Remember to hit save at the bottom of the page once you're done.

Even if the Include/Exclude function is switched off you are still able to exclude a search term from a trail by typing a minus sign (-) before the term and then clicking search.

And / Or Function

When you search using more than one keyword from the same sub-category you are automatically presented with the 'And' / 'Or' function. This function is depicted by a chain symbol that appears in the search trail when you have entered more than one keyword from the same sub-category.


The 'And' option is represented by a completed chain link. In the example below your search would produce files that are tagged with both the keywords 'Interior' and 'Atriums':

Search And.jpg


The 'Or' option is represented by a broken chain link. In the example below your search would produce files that contain at least one of the keywords 'Interior' or 'Glass':

Search Or.jpg

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