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The Slideshow and Tiles views all you to scroll through groups of files, view metadata and perform some common actions. with the added ability to see the files details as well as preform a range of file specific tasks        


The Slideshow + Tiles view buttons appear in the top action ribbon above your search results.



The slideshow mode is the most effective way of viewing your files on a larger scale. Launch the slideshow and scroll through your files, one file at a time, by clicking either the left or right side of the screen depending on whether you want to go to the next or previous file.

You can even set a timer so that the files scroll from one to another automatically. 


Click the "F11" button to view images full screen. 


At the base of the screen you will find a range of actions you can perform with the file, they include:

  • Launching the file in the AssetBar so you can drag and drop it
  • Downloading the file
  • Printing the file

To see details of the file you are currently viewing click the 'Show' button located at the far right.


You can then navigate directly to the file's info page by click the option that appears at the bottom left of your screen.



Viewing images in tile mode allows you to see a thumbnail of all of the images. You can move the ruler in the top right to increase or decrease the size of the thumbnails. 


As you hover over a file the info bar appears at the base of it. From the info bar you can add the file to your current album.


A file that is in your current album has a green folder icon that sits at the top right of the file, like such:


You can also click the icon on the far right to display a range of other options and details on the file.


Clicking this option creates a pop up window to the side of the tile (you can also right click the tile to see this window).





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