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The carousel allows you to quickly create a temporary collection of files. You can then batch edit the files or use the files in the carousel to create Albums, PowerPoint presentations, InDesign documents and use the Drag and Drop feature.

View the Carousel

You can view the carousel by clicking on the "Show" button in the lower right of the page. This button can also be used to hide the carousel when it is raised.




Adding Files to the Carousel

From a search results page, select the checkbox below a file. The image will automatically be added to the carousel. You can add as many files to a carousel as you like.   




Use the Carousel

Use the carousel to batch edit files, create AlbumsPowerPoint presentations, InDesign documents and use the Drag and Drop feature.



Edit Files on the Carousel

You can batch edit any collection of files from a variety of projects using the carousel. Simple choose the files you wish to edit by browsing through your library and selecting the checkbox below your files. Then click on the 'Edit All' button located on the carousel.




This feature allows you to batch edit a range of information associated with the files; i.e. File Keywords, Rank, Photographer, etc.

Any changes made in this section will be applied to all files from the carousel. When you have finished editing click the 'save changes' button located at the top left of the page.



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