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Download Files


You can download a single file or a zip containing multiple files from OpenAsset. When downloading you can also choose the image size, choose a custom file name and also add metadata.

How to Create a File Download

Select the files that you want to download then click ‘Download files’ under ‘Export’ on the carousel or at the top of the search results page. 



This will then prompt you to choose which selection of images you would like to download. 



When you have done this, it will take you to the wizard with 3 steps where you can customise your file download. You click on each step to expand the options. 

1) Select the file size. You can select one or multiple options if you want more than one size in the file download. 




2) Choose whether you want the files to have their Unique OpenAsset Filename or the Original Filename.




3) Finally, you can choose which fields from OpenAsset you want to be written in the file metadata






When finished, click ‘Start Downloading’ and your file will automatically download.



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