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Drag and Drop - Cloud

OpenAsset Cloud Feature Only


In OpenAsset Cloud you are able to Drag & Drop files into Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook 2013+, and with the InDesign Plug-in installed, also InDesign CC 2015+. 


Installing the InDesign Plug-in

The InDesign Plugin is required for Dragging & Dropping into InDesign CC 2015+ you can find the installation page here. Once this is installed you will be able to Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

You can Drag & Drop files in OpenAsset from two different locations
  • Search results page (single file)

  • Carousel (multiple files, InDesign only)

Top right corner

The OpenAsset InDesign Plugin allows you to drag images directly from OpenAsset Cloud into InDesign Creative Cloud documents. You can use the InDesign Plugin to work with OpenAsset images no matter where you are without having to package up your work to preserve links. 



For further detail on dragging & dropping files into InDesign CC 2015+ please view the InDesign workflows page.


For dragging and dropping into Office 2013+ products no plug-in is required, you can drag & drop files into these programs from the search results page.



Photoshop & Illustrator

For Dragging and Dropping into Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can copy the path of the file within OpenAsset from the 'Search Results page' or from the 'Image Sizes' tab in the 'File Info Page'. You can then go to 'Place linked' or 'Place embedded' option under the File tab in either program and paste the path into the 'filename' box and place the image.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you need the 'Copy Path' option enabled.


The following screenshot shows the 'Copy Path' function from the 'Search Results' page. This can be placed into Photoshop or Illustrator. This screenshot show how to do so in Illustrator.

Drag Into Illustrator from Search (1).gif


The second location you can for 'Copy Path' is under the 'File Size' tab. This screenshot demonstrates pasting it into Photoshop.

Drag Into Photoshop from Img Size (1).gif


Drag & Drop Settings

Site-wide Drag & Drop settings can be adjusted by an administrator on the System Preferences page in OpenAsset. You can set your default drag & drop sizes (InDesign and Office), as well as the high res size (InDesign), the Indesign plugin cache size and the filenaming format for files dragged into InDesign.  


While there are no browser limitations with the InDesign plugin, dragging into Office tools does require use of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. You currently cannot drag & drop into Office using IE or Edge, though we hope that future updates to Edge will make this possible. 

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