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InDesign Plugin - Installation

OpenAsset Cloud Feature Only


The OpenAsset plugin is compatible with Adobe InDesign CC 2015.4 - 2018. The best and preferred method for installing the plugin is using Adobe's Creative Cloud Add-On Store. Unfortunately, not all Adobe licenses allow plugins (not just OpenAsset) to be installed via the Adobe Add-On store. Some Adobe licenses will require a manual install of the plugin. Here is a breakdown of the Adobe license options and install methods available.


Adobe CC License Type CC Add-On Store Manual Install Network Install
CC Individual License ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Enterprise Named User License X ✔️ ✔️
Enterprise Serial License X ✔️* ✔️*
Updates Completed Automatically Manually Manually

* The Enterprise ID may be requested by Adobe (Extension Manager Command Line Tool) as part of the install process. This means end users will need to know the Enterprise ID or have an IT person enter it for them on their computer.


Watch this video to learn how to install the OpenAsset InDesign Plugin:

Use Adobe's Add-On Store

By using Adobe's store, your plugin will automatically update whenever newer versions are available (as long as you are logged in to Adobe).

  1.  Make sure InDesign is closed before installing the plugin. 
  2.  Download the plugin via Adobe's Creative Cloud Add-on Store here: https://creative.adobe.com/addons/products/14161

Manually (not the Adobe Add-on Store) 

There are two reasons for installing the plugin manually (not using the Adobe Add-on Store):

  1.  Your Adobe license doesn’t allow for installing plugins via the Add-on Store. See Adobe install matrix above. 
  2.  Unfortunately, we have noticed that Adobe's Creative Cloud Add-On Store can be buggy. If the Add-On Store is not working for your account, you can also download the plugin via our Direct Installer. 

To install manually, use the following links. Remember to close InDesign before installing.

Note: If you install manually without using Adobe's Add-on Store then your plugin version will NOT update automatically. Users will need to install new updates when they become available. You should not need to uninstall the prior plugin when installing new versions. 

Network Installation

You can install the plugin over your network using the MSI provided in the above links and pushing the installation out via Group Policy.

You can find our guide for network installation here.

Using the Plugin

For more information on using the InDesign plugin, visit our plugin workflow page


Having issues with the plugin? Visit our Troubleshooting page

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