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Deltek Vision Connector


By integrating your Deltek Vision database with OpenAsset, you can connect project data with project photos to create a searchable photo library that leverages Deltek Vision as the single source of project information. 

Connect to Deltek Vision

The Connector is built into OpenAsset. Access the Connector from the OpenAsset Manage menu and click Settings:















Connect OpenAsset to your Deltek Vision server. The relationship is one directional: Deltek Vision pushes data into OpenAsset. 

OpenAsset integrates with both on-premise Deltek Vision and the Deltek First Cloud version:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 2.41.19 PM.png


Note: We do ask you to create a read-only Deltek Vision account to use for the OpenAsset integration. We'll need this to access the Vision API. Find more information on installing the Deltek Vision Connector here


On-Premise Deltek Vision to OpenAsset Cloud

For linking the on-premise version of Deltek Vision to OpenAsset Cloud, there are some additional steps required:


1. The vision server needs to be made externally available with at public IP address and /or URL

2. SSL needs to be configured on the vision server

3. The IP address of the OA instance needs to be white-listed in the firewall settings (allow traffic from OA IP address to make it to the Vision server)

4. Open Ports 80 and 443 Coming in
5. All ports going back out

Generally its best to have all ports open in and out since we are filtering by IP.

Map Project Data

OpenAsset automatically syncs the WBS1 project number field from the Projects Info Center to the OpenAsset Project Code/Number field. This will be used as the unique identifier of the project in OpenAsset.


Use the Deltek Vision field mappings table to map project data from Deltek Vision into OpenAsset. Select the Info Center, Table, and Field then map to the OpenAsset Keyword Category or Custom Field. All available fields can be mapped:


Click the "New Field Mapping" button to start mapping a field. 

Code Tables

There are some fields that may require uploading Vision code tables. These are rare and we recommend speaking with a Support Engineer to determine if this is needed and to guide you through the process. Such fields that may require a code table include "Project Manager"


Link projects that are already in OpenAsset

There are two ways to link projects that are already in OpenAsset to Deltek Vision:


1. Go to the Manage->Projects page in OpenAsset, click "edit" next to the project and then click "Link to Vision".

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.44.50 AM.png

2. Go to the "OpenAsset Project Linking" page. Select individual projects or "Select All' projects, then "Link to Vision".

Connector_Project Linking_Link to Vision.png

Add new projects to OpenAsset

If you need to create a new project, go to Manage->Projects, and then create a new project using the Deltek Vision project number:

Connector_Manage Projects_New Project_Next.jpg

Then click "Edit" and link that project to Vision:


Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.44.50 AM.png


After mapping, all project images will be automatically tagged with project data from Vision.

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