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This endpoint is used for manipulating the Employees nested EmployeeKeywords resource. Objects are always returned in a JSON format within an array. Empty results return an empty array.



The Projects nested EmployeeKeywords resource is represented by the following JSON Object:

        "id": "<int>"


This verb is used for retrieving resources, it is subject to the parameters mentioned in the overview and all fields mentioned above are searchable.



This endpoint takes a JSON array of EmployeeKeyword ID's (As described above) to replace the current linked keywords to the parent File. These ID's can be discovered via the EmployeeKeywords resource.



This endpoint is a shortcut for adding Keywords. It requires that you know the ID of the Keyword you want to add, after that the syntax is simple:



This can be seen with a curl example:

curl -D - -u admin:admin -X POST



Used for removing a relationship between the parent Employee and a Keyword Object. Below is a demonstration of this functionality:

curl -D - -u admin:admin

       "id" : "37"
       "id" : "43"   


The following curl command can be used to delete a relationship:

curl -D - -u admin:admin -X DELETE



And our original query results:

[   {      "id" : "37"   }]
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