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This endpoint is used for manipulating the File nested Fields resource. Objects are always returned in a JSON format within an array. Empty results return an empty array.



The Files nested Fields object takes on the following JSON object:

        "id": "<int>",
        "values": [



This verb is used for retrieving resources, it is subject to the parameters mentioned in the overview and all fields mentioned above are searchable.



Available in 8.1.11 and above

This endpoint takes a JSON array of Field Object's (As described above) to replace the current linked keywords to the parent File. These ID's can be discovered via the Fields resource. It should be noted that although values is an array, some knowledge of the Field is required as some field type's do not allow for multiple values.


A curl example:

curl -u admin:admin -XPUT
     -D -
     -d '[ { "id": "1", "values": ["FOO"] } ]'
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