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KeywordCategories - /REST/1/KeywordCategories/:id

This endpoint is used for manipulating KeywordCategories resources within the system. Objects are always returned in a JSON format within an array. Empty results return an empty array.



The KeywordCatyegories resource is represented with the following JSON object:


      "category_id" : "<int>",
      "code" : "<string>",
      "display_order" : "<int>",
      "id" : "<int>",
      "name" : "<string>"



As with other resources, this resource is subject to the global parameters mentioned in the REST Overview.



The following JSON parameters are available when updating a resource:


JSON Parameter Allowed value
category_id int
name string
display_order int


Possible Errors

Sending an invalid display_order:

curl -H "Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=" \
  http://my.openasset.example.org/REST/1/KeywordCategories/5 \
  -D -X PUT \
  -d '{"display_order": 2}'

will result in the following response:

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

   "error_message" : "display_order (2) must be between 1 and 1",
   "http_status_code" : "400"



The following JSON parameters are required when creating a resource:


JSON Parameter Allowed value
name string
category_id int



The resource can be deleted using this verb and including the id in the endpoint URL. 

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