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Searches - /REST/1/Searches/:id

This endpoint is used for manipulating searches within the system. Objects are always returned in a JSON format within an array. Empty results return an empty array.



The Searches resource takes/returns the following JSON object:

        "all_users_can_modify": "<bool>",
        "approved_company_saved_search": "<bool>",
        "can_modify": "<bool>",
        "code": "<hash>",
        "comapny_saved_search": "<bool>",
        "created": "<time>",
        "id": "<int>",
        "locked": "<bool>",
        "name": "<string>",
        "saved": "<bool>",
        "search_items": [
                "code": "<enum>",
                "exclude": "<bool>",
                "values": [
        "share_with_all_users": "<bool>",
        "updated": "<datetime>",
        "user_id": "<int>"


Search Item Object

This is a nested object that belongs to this noun, it is described below:

        "code": "<enum>",
        "exclude": "<bool>",
        "operator": "<operator>",
        "values/ids": [

The enums are codes that relate to the area of the product to search against, these are listed below:


Code Description Accepted Values Values and/or Ids
album Array of Albums by ID int ids
project Array of Projects by ID int ids

Array of dates (refinable with a prefix):

  • '<' before
  • '=' equal to
  • '>' after
string values
uploaded See above   values
caption Search only image captions string values
description Search only image description string values
filename Search only image filename string values
originalFilename Search only image original filename string values
photographer Search by photographer string/int values/ids
copyrightHolder Search by copyright holder int ids
user Search by user int ids
colourspace Search by coulourspace int ids
category Search by category int ids
accessLevel Search by access level int ids
aspectRatio Search by aspect ratio int ids

Search by rank (refinable with a prefix):

  • '<' less than
  • '=' equal to
  • '>' more than
string values
size See above string values
width See above string values
keywordCount See above string values


  • filename
  • original filename
  • caption
  • description
  • keywords
  • project keywords
string values
deleted Search by deleted images bool n/a

A list of Keywords, i.e.:

    "code": "keyword.1",
    "ids": [
int ids
projectKeyword.<category_id> See above int ids
field.<field_id> See above values ids
fileFormat   int ids
deleted Search by deleted images int ids


As with other resources, this resource is subject to the global parameters mentioned in the REST Overview.



The following JSON parameters are available when updating a resource:


JSON Parameter Allowed Values
search_items search_item (described above)
saved bool
name string



The following JSON parameters are required when creating a resource:


JSON Parameter Allowed Values
search_items search_item (described above)
name string


The search_item object also has some required fields, these are described below:


JSON Parameter Allowed Values
code enum
values/ids string/int
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