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Users - /REST/1/Users/:id

This endpoint is used for manipulating the User resource. Objects are always returned in a JSON format within an array. Empty results return an empty array.



The User resource takes on the following JSON object:

      "alive" : "<bool>",
      "current_album_id": "int",
      "email": "<string>",
      "expires": "<int>",
      "expiry_date": "<date>",
      "full_name": "<string>",
      "hidden": "<bool>",
      "id": "<int>",
      "protected": "<bool>",
      "username" : "<string>"

Last updated date: 1/16/2019


This verb is used for retrieving resources, it is subject to the parameters mentioned in the overview and all fields mentioned above are searchable.




The following JSON parameters are required when creating a resource:


JSON Parameter Allowed Values Notes
full_name string The display name shown for this user
username string The login username.
password string The plain text password to set on this account. (Password WILL be salted and hashed). 
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