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URL Links

URL Links

Using some fixed URL formats you can link directly to pages in OpenAsset.


Search Links

Links to pages of search results can be created with a URL of the form:
Optionally projectCode or keywords can also be added to the URL.
The keywords parameter is equivalent to entering text in the keywords box on the left hand search panel. i.e. it searches the keywords and also the filename, original filename, caption and description.
Search for a keyword - 
Search for a keyword across all projects - 
Search for all images in a project - 
Search for a keyword in a project - 
Album Links - To link directory to a view of the images in an album you can use a URL of the form:
Please see Appendix 1 to find the code for an album.
Image Links - To link to the details page of a specific image you can use a URL of the form: 
Project Links - To link directory to a summary page of the images in a project you can use a URL of
the form: 

oEmbed Representations of a URL

oEmbed is a technology used for displaying an enhanced representation of a URL.  e.g. Rather than just a a text based link to the details page of an image in OpenAsset, you can display a thumbnail of the image itself. oEmbed is used to retrieve all the necessary details to display the thumbnail using an standard open format. 
For more details see: http://www.oembed.com

URL endpoint and supported parameters

The endpoint for retrieving oEmbed data is of the form: http://example.com/Feed/OEmbed
The following parameters are supported:
url required
Address you wish to represent (must be
URL encoded)
format optional
Either json or xml
Default is json
maxwidth optional
Maximum width of a thumbnail or video
used to represent the URL
maxheight optional
Maximum height of a thumbnail or
video used to represent the URL


Supported URLs

Image - oEmbed data can be generated for links to file detail pages of the form:

Links of this form can be found in Search or Album RSS feeds.
Project - oEmbed data can be generated for links to project overview pages of the form:


Data can be returned in either JSON or XML format. The default format is currently JSON, although it is always best to explicitly specify the format you require.


Photo in JSON format



Photo in XML format



Video - If the file associated with a URL is a video and an MP4 preview file has been generated, HTML will be retuerned that can be directly embedded in a web page to play the video.


Link - If no image or video is associated with a link, a link type response is returned.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>



Appendix 1 - Possible values for fields


Some APIs require a value for categoryCode to identify the category of images being referred to (e.g. see Search Links or Search RSS Feeds).
The values to be used for categoryCode can be found on the edit category page


To find the code for an album you can click on the “edit” link on a list of albums.


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