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AssetBar Installation

OpenAsset On-Premise Feature Only


The AssetBar is an application that allows you to drag & drop images into applications (InDesign, PowerPoint, Word, etc) without having to save to the desktop first. The AssetBar must be installed on your machine before you can use the Drag & Drop feature. Because of this, the deployment of this new application may require assistance from your IT team.  

Installing the AssetBar

The AssetBar will be installed with a .msi for Windows users and a .dmg for the Mac users. Here are the files that need to be installed:

Users will be prompted to download these files the first time they click the "Drag + Drop" button in OpenAsset.

Deploying the AssetBar through GPO

For Windows users we highly recommend deploying the .msi through a GPO. Otherwise Windows users will need elevated privileges to install. Mac users will need the ability to install applications, which is typical of most Mac systems anyways.

After Install

After the AssetBar has been installed, the first time you click "Drag & Drop" you will have a few prompts. After that, it will just launch the AssetBar straight away. Here are some details on what to expect the first time you launch the AssetBar on Windows and Mac.

Old Java AssetBar

If you are still on OpenAsset versions 6 or 7, you may still be using the old Java AssetBar. We highly recommend you upgrading your OpenAsset version and switching to the new AssetBar described above. All development moving forward will be on the new Java-free AssetBar though. 

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