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Installing AssetBar on Mac


This section goes through how to install the new OpenAsset AssetBar application.  The first thing to note is that this is an application in it's own right, unlike the old Java based AssetBar which ran exclusively in a browser window.  As a result it must be installed on your machine before you can use the Drag & Drop feature with it.

Click "Drag & Drop" to start the installation

The first step is simply to click the Drag & Drop button, which is mainly found in OpenAsset on the search results page Ribbon bar, or on the image Carousel where your selected images are.


Once you've done this you'll notice a popup appear that tries to find the AssetBar application on your system.  You may also be asked to click on a 'Launch AssetBar' button depending on the configuration of your system.  Once the launcher finds that you don't have the AssetBar application installed it will present you with the dialog below.


Simply click the download link you are presented with to download the installation DMG file.  Once the file is downloaded, please run it to mount the disk image the same way you would with any other mac application download.

Installing the AssetBar Application

When the dmg has mounted, you'll be presented with the following window


Simply follow the instructions in the window and drag the AssetBar application (OpenAsset Logo Icon) to your Mac's Applications folder.  Once you've dropped it, the application will copy across and installation will be complete.

Running the AssetBar Application for the first time

All you need to do now is go back to OpenAsset, close the installation dialog if it's still open and click the 'Drag & Drop' button again.  This time the launcher will detect your AssetBar application and launch your selected images into a new bar ready for to be used with your choice of software.  The help window will automatically close once you launch an AssetBar and you can select to not show it ever again by ticking the box at the bottom if you wish.

When the application runs for the first time you may see the following window


You'll need to click "open" in order to continue.  After which you will be presented with your AssetBar similar to below



When running the application for the first time in Firefox, you will be prompted to choose the application from your applications directory.  You only need to do this once, and will be prompted with a help dialog in OpenAsset itself, a screenshot of which is below.


Once you've followed the instructions in this dialog, you won't need to do this again and next time you click 'Drag & Drop' the bar will just launch (even when installing updates in the future).  Of course if you've already installed the application you don't need to re-download it.

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