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Backup Database


It is strongly recommended that you contact the Axomic support team if you need to restore a backup of the OpenAsset database. However, we understand that certain emergencies call for immediate resolutions. These are the steps for a client's IT team to restore a backup database:

Steps to Restore a Database

  1. Log in to OpenAsset using an account with Administrator access.
  2. Navigate to Backup. (Click 'Manage -> 'Backup' on the menu in the top-right).
  3. Click the "Backup Database Now" button so that we have a backup of today's database in case we need to restore it.
  4. Download the Backup file that corresponds to the date you'd like to restore. (Click the 'Download' icon on the right).
  5. Unzip the Backup file and place the packaged .SQL file in a location you can easily remember.
  6. Open the Command Prompt and navigate to the directory you unzipped the .SQL file to.
    - This can be done using 'cd FOLDERNAME' to change directories and 'dir' to view the directory you are currently in. To go back a directory use 'cd ..'
  7. Once in the directory where the .SQL file is located run this command: mysql -u root OpenAsset_4_0 < FILENAME.sql
    - This will restore the backup database you selected as the new current database.

Please note that we highly recommend that Axomic support manage the replacing of backup database files. 


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Install requirements, LDAP, Active Directory, AssetBar .msi, backup procedures, and other technical details. If you can't find what you are looking for in this knowledge base then please feel free to reach out to us at support@axomic.com.
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