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Deltek Vision Connector - Transition from KA

Transitioning from KA's Connector

In addition to installing the OpenAsset Connector, clients transitioning from Knowledge Architecture's Vision-OpenAsset Connector will need to take the following steps:

  1. Prior to installing the new Connector, you must turn off KA's workflows in Vision
    1. Under “Configurations”, select “Scheduled Workflows”
    2. Select “Projects” from the Application dropdown
    3. Uncheck the “schedule” checkboxes for both of the following workflows:
      1. KA - Sync to OpenAsset - Nightly
      2. KA - Sync to OpenAsset - Button
    4. Click “Save”

Connector_KA Workflows.png

  1. After the installation is completed, you'll replicate your KA Connector Field Mappings in OpenAsset

    1. Pull up your existing field mappings in the KA Connector.
    2. Go to “Field Mappings” in OpenAsset and replicate those mappings

Connector_Manage Field Mappings.jpg

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