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On-Premise to Cloud Transition

Transition Steps 

[Responsibilities in brackets]

  1. Schedule a date to stop uploading content to your On-Premise version of OpenAsset and to start the file copy. [Axomic Support and Client]

  2. Configure on-premise OpenAsset to be “read only” on the date copying begins. Users will still be able to access OpenAsset during the transition, but they will not upload new files or make any edits to metadata. [Axomic Support]

  3. Copy OpenAsset files to an external hard drive. [Client]

    1. Note: Axomic prefers that the OpenAsset files be sent to our Axomic office to be copied to our Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure. This minimizes bandwidth issues for you and allows us to monitor the copying of data. We can migrate from your network if needed, but our preference is to migrate from our Axomic office.

  4. Mail hard-drive to Axomic [Client]

  5. Upload files and metadata to OpenAsset Cloud [Axomic Support]

  6. Re-configure any integration [Axomic Support and Client]

  7. Configure SSO [Axomic Support and Client]

  8. Configure InDesign Plugin for Drag & Drop [Axomic Support and Client]

  9. Once completed, your Customer Success Manager will review your OpenAsset Cloud system with you and provide any training required. [Axomic CSM and Client]

  10. Decommission your On-Premise OpenAsset [Axomic Support and Client]


The following sections will go over these steps in more specific detail.

OpenAsset File Upload to Amazon

We will need to copy the contents of your image store into Amazon’s S3 system. We highly recommend copying the contents of your on-premise image store and a copy of the OpenAsset_Data folder onto an external hard-drive* and then shipping that to us. Our engineer will provide shipping details to you in advance.

It is also possible to perform the upload remotely from your network, but it is not recommended due to bandwidth and monitoring issues.

Integration Configuration

Deltek Vision

If you’re using our Deltek connector, you will have to make your Vision server available externally outside of your work network if it isn’t already. This is due OpenAsset moving from an internal server to Amazon’s cloud infrastructure.


If your on-premise OpenAsset is integrated with your intranet, website, or other system then you need to direct your application to the new Cloud URL. Please discuss this with our Support team in advance.

SSO and User Management


Drag & Drop

Now that you’ve made the move into the cloud, the AssetBar will not be available. Instead you can drag & drop files from the browser

InDesign Plugin

For dragging files into Adobe InDesign, users will use the OpenAsset InDesign Plugin. Please review the following guides for:

Drag & Drop into MS Office

  • Users can drag files directly from OpenAsset into MS Office 2013+. Administrators can set the file size to be dragged in “System Preferences” under “Cloud Drag & Drop”.

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