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OpenAsset Release Notes

Information about fixes, improvements and new features within OpenAsset is compiled in the notes below, with the most recent listed first. For more detailed information about updates to our product, contact support@axomic.com.


Cloud Only August 9th 2018


  • Batch deletion of files from the multi-edit File Info Page now works as intended.


Cloud Only August 3rd 2018


  • Projects without a hero image set can now see the top menu properly.


Cloud Only August 3rd 2018


  • File Info Page 
    • Pressing left/right cursor keys will no longer transition to next/prev image while in single image view if you're editing a field.
    • Hero toggle button now only displays for users who have the correct permissions (edit project + hero image editing).
    • When swapping between images in single image mode if your session times out or you log out you now get a nicer looking dialog error telling you to refresh the page to relogin.
    • Replace dialog will now work for all supported file types rather than just jpeg/gif/png. 


Cloud Only August 3rd 2018


  • Project Page
    • Trial mode banner no longer breaks project location pages (map being slightly misplaced on the page).
    • Removed badly formatted timestamp from project albums list.
    • Project banner will now correctly display the hero image in IE11.
  • File Info Page
    • Filename in the topbar and all read-only fields in the file info right panel can now be text selected and copied to clipboard.
    • Original size is now visible in the sizes panel when the file is a video, also cleaned up some of the information shown for video sizes to be more relevant to them being videos (eg: no longer showing colourspace and dpi, but showing framerate instead).
    • CopyPath on sizes panel in cloud mode is now governed by EITHER copyPath or copyUrl being enabled on the installation page and does not specifically require copyUrl to be enabled (although it is always a URL in cloud).
    • Filesize information on the sizes panel now updates correctly between files in slideshow mode
    • Keyword and Project Keyword categories are now correctly ordered by display_order
    • ProjectKeywords are now correctly ordered alphabetically by name inside their categories.
    • Read only keyword and project keyword categories no longer allow the user to collapse them by clicking the category name.


Cloud Only July 31st 2018


  • Issue fixed whereby category restricted built-in fields would break file info section rendering due to a field data object not existing as one store had processed the change but another had not.


Cloud Only July 31st 2018


  • File Info Page
    • Disabled built-in fields (eg: caption/access level) no longer cause file's page file info tab to hang on loading. These fields are now correctly omitted from display.
    • Top bar icons will no longer appear slightly squished widthways when the right panel is collapsed and the file is in the user's current album.
  • Uploader no longer thinks that there are multiple values when there are none while comparing blank values for built-in lookup fields (copyright holder + photographer) across multiple selected files.
  • Project Page
    • Users that don't have the ability to see albums will no longer get an infinite loop of "please refresh page" messages when looking at project pages where there is at least one or more assigned album. They simply wont see the albums section if they don't have permissions to now.
    • Assigned albums now show their actual file count properly as reported by the REST API.


Cloud Only July 27th 2018


  • Issue fixed whereby Web Downloads wouldn't work when triggered from albums.


Cloud Only July 26th 2018

This release saw a major update to our product. The File Info Page was redesigned to feature an updated user interface and new functionality including image zoom and improved keywording.


  • New File Info Page
    • Replaces the following pages/features that are no longer accessible:
      • MultiImageEdit
      • ImageInfo
      • Slideshow
      • Tiles
    • All links in the system to the old ImageInfo page have been converted into new file info page links that look like this: /page/files/:id. In case anyone does go to an old ImageInfo or ImageLink link, they will be redirected automatically to the new file info link format.
    • Tiles buttons have been removed throughout the product, but slideshow buttons remain and link to the new file info page directly in slideshow mode.
    • A lot of search thumbnail buttons have been culled, including: ViewPDF and View/Info. These buttons are now more simplified. ViewPDF functionality is still available, but instead of being a standalone dialog it's now incorporated into the new file info page. Simply hover over a PDF in the new file info page to be able to view the actual PDF in-browser if you want to. (NB: This still requires Adobe reader to be installed for IE11 - and users are notified of this if they don't have it installed).
    • Videos now no longer try to play within search thumbnails. Pressing the play button on a video in search thumbnail will now launch the new file info page in "autoplay" mode. Due to browser restrictions, some browsers may not autoplay the video the first few times a user enters the file info page like this. Clicking on the file preview outside of the play button will go to the file info page and will not autoplay the video.
    • You are now able to right-click "open in new tab" for any new file info links. Previously this was not possible for the old slideshow mode.
    • A new Image Zoom feature is available on all assets except for videos while on the file info page. Hover over an image in single-file view and mouse wheel up/down to zoom in or out. Single left clicking zooms in 1 graduation (+50%) and right clicking zooms out by 1 graduation. Double clicking will zoom you all the way in, or all the way out as a toggle.
      Rotation and Replacement both have new dialogs available from the new file info page and now use the rest api to carry out their business.
    • ALL Built-in fields now have entries in /Page/Fields which can be edited for display order and/or category restriction and/or include_on_info settings. So a client can now, if they wish, make Access Level the last field you see in the list, or even turn it off altogether from being visible on the file info page.
    • Uploader style keyword editing is now available for all images in the system via the File Info page. It even works for cross-category selections via a filtering system.
    • File Deletion has a new interface and requires conscious action from the user to actually delete any files. Multi-file deletion now also previews and confirms all files to be deleted.
    • You can now flick through images in the slideshow from Albums, Search, Carousel and Projects.
    • You can now see all the albums attached to a file and add / remove and even create new albums on the file info page.
  • REST API object properties that should be integers are now integers instead of strings
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