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OpenAsset Release Notes

Information about fixes, improvements and new features within OpenAsset is compiled in the notes below, with the most recent listed first. For more detailed information about updates to our product, contact support@axomic.com.


Cloud only May 2nd 2019


  • Search Results:
    • Add / Remove to/from current album button on each thumbnail no longer doubles up by mistake in certain circumstances
    • The 'share' button in the top ribbon now only appears when viewing a single album rather than on selections too.
  • File Info:
    • Keywords tab will now workaround orphaned keywords (and warn about them in the console) rather than hang.
  • Project Page:
    • Various minor UI fixes.
    • Users will no longer see a double marker when setting location of a project under some circumstances.
    • Now supports filtering on project file counts.
    • Replacing a file now correctly ignores files in pending uploads from it's dupe check. This would cause some replacements to be flagged as already in the system when they weren't.
    • Replacing a file now does a proper filesize check and updates the filesize field correctly. This also affected front-end replacements as they use the API for this task.
    • Replacing a file now resets and deletes it from similarity and flags it for re-indexing once the new file has processed.
    • Fixed a bug related to keyword validation upon insertion.


Cloud only April 18th 2019


  • File selections made with shift-click on the search results page will now appear in the carousel in the expected order of selection. This means in either the order of the images between the two shift-selected targets (reverse order when going backwards bottom right to top left).


Cloud only April 8th 2019


  • ​​Carousel correctly shows image previews for files that have been rotated in cloud


Cloud only March 21st 2019


  • Rest API has new RankOptions and ProjectRankOptions nouns. This data was previously unavailable via REST.


  • Image processing no longer causes a recount on every file if the file is part of an incomplete upload, instead that recount is done only when the upload is completed.
  • REST API will now respond with method not allowed to methods that aren't allowed.
  • The built in 'roles' field for employees no longer mistakenly sets itself to deleted and required when saving changes to it.


Cloud only March 11th 2019


  • There is now no distinction between browse and manage mode pages. All pages will show available options based on user privilege level. As a result, the manage dropdown menu has also been removed, the cog in the topbar now links to the ManageSettings page directly (previously this was the 'settings' option at the bottom of the manage menu). You can now access all the pages via the topbar or the more menu with the exception of News and Company Album Topics. News is now editable via links in the news widget, and Company Album Topics are editable by a new 'Topics' entry on the ManageSettings page.
  • Some options in the topbar user dropdown have been renamed and a few new options have been added.


  • Image processing in cloud will no longer hang when recheck is incorrectly set to 1 on files that have nothing to process.
  • The BrowseProject widget now correctly responds to project keyword category filters and only displays those project keyword categories that are checked.
  • The Web Downloads 'share' button is no longer shown in the ribbon when viewing a selection as search results.
  • The PowerPoint option has been restored on the image sizes page. Powerpoint flagged sizes are the sizes available to use by Generic Powerpoint document creation. Generic powerpoints always use the largest size available out of the sizes flagged for powerpoint.
  • Pending upload approval notifications now only go to groups subscribed to the notification rule IF those groups also have the privileges to approve uploads. Groups that do not have privileges to approve uploads but are still subscribed to the notification rule will just get notifications about the status of their own approved/rejected uploads.

V11.1.19 1-3

Frontend February 19th 2019


  • Fixed linebreaks on Employee view page multiline fields
  • Fixed employee list page search but it no longer searches on code (for now).
  • Employee attach dialog on file info page no longer shows a checkbox to set the file as primary for that employee.
  • New Employee dialog on employee list page will now tell the user if the employee has failed to be created due to a conflict (eg: code being the same as an employee that currently exists) and let them change the field in question and retry.
  • Selected files on the file info multi-edit page will now show at higher opacity than unselected files which makes it a lot easier to see your selection in the midst of a large set of images on the grid.


Cloud and On-Prem February 15th 2019


  • Login Page: Trial mode systems will now have the new redesigned login page instead of the old trial-specific page. This also means that trial systems can now support SSO if that's something that needs to be set up for a given prospect.
  • Home Page: There is a new user preference that lets users replace their current homepage (widgets page) with Projects, Employees (if licensed), Files (Blank Search) and Albums. This permission's site-wide default can be set on the Default User Preferences page and locked if needed. By default it's unlocked and set as a site-wide default to the widgets page so that nothing changes by default. It can also be set at the group or user level (if allowing users to set it themselves). Navigating to / or /Page/Home or clicking on the topbar's left logo will redirect the user to their selected page via this preference.
  • Employees Page: Added primary image filter dropdown to left filter menu so users can now filter between employees that have a primary image set and those that don't.


  • Keyword management: Keyword categories with zero keywords are no longer mistakenly skipped on keyword management pages. They are still skipped on the "Search By" dropdown as intended.
  • REST API: Fixed an issue with setting and unsetting fixed list option fields.
  • Project Page: Expanded multi-line fields to take up all available horizontal space.
  • Employee Page: Multi-line fields now show their linebreaks correctly when viewing employees
  • Widgets Page: Multiple videos on the widgets page now works correctly


Frontend February 8th 2019


  • You can now select files within the file info page multi-editor. Select some files from a search, click edit all in carousel to try it out.
  • The uploader has had its selection method changed to be more in line with the new file info batch editor and search results page.
  • Available file keywords on the file info page right side tab now take up as much vertical room as possible meaning if there are fewer keywords attached, the available keywords will fill up the available space. This does not work in IE11 where the two sections will remain at a fixed 50% of the available vertical height due to browser incompatibility.
  • Users are now able to search by employee code OR employee name (instead of just employee name) in the employees list page.


  • Original filenames with weird characters in them will no longer cause Project Awesome to give generic download filenames to them.
  • Filesize now updates correctly on the file info page file info tab when paginating between files in single image mode.
  • Fixed an issue on the employee view page where if there were more than 10 images attached to an employee, the employee's primary photo might not show up and show a placeholder instead.
  • Fixed an issue on the employee view page where if an employee does not have a primary photo set but has other images attached, the images could fold up and over the placeholder icon for the primary photo.
  • Fixed some minor layout issues in the file info available keywords panel


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