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OpenAsset Release Notes - October 2018 to February 2019

Information about fixes, improvements and new features within OpenAsset is compiled in the notes below, with the most recent listed first. For more detailed information about updates to our product, contact support@axomic.com.


Cloud Only January 31st 2019


  • New Login page redesign. This page also allows admins to set an album of images to show as background to the login page. A random image is picked from the album and shown behind the login screen.


  • Reduced horizontal space between labels and values on the project overview page.
  • The file info page will now correctly respect album order (ascending or descending) when launched from search results pages where album order is being used.
  • It is now possible to replace files correctly in IE11

V11.1.15 2 to 5

Frontend January 25th 2019


  • Fixed an issue where custom fields on file info page would be forced into a read-only state and be unchangeable or not show up if they had no value.
  • IE11 File info page sizes tab now shows up properly.
  • IE11 File info page project tab gradient and project code/name now show properly.
  • Some minor Project tab CSS fixed + project tab moved to 2nd tab after file info.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause tabs to flip to a new tab when being clicked very fast and swapping file.
  • File Info
    • Slightly modified the color of restriction text on restricted fields for readability.
    • Slideshow mode pagination now works properly when entering via slideshow button.
    • Added a 'copy to clipboard' button on the top right of most field types when in editable mode which will copy the value of the field to user's clipboard when clicked.
  • Fixed a typo on the similarity service status page.


  • File Info: Added a 'copy to clipboard' button on the top right of most field types when in editable mode which will copy the value of the field to user's clipboard when clicked.


Cloud Only January 24th 2019


  • File Info Page
    • There is a new project tab on the right panel called 'Project' which will show up if a file is a project file and show read only information about the project it is part of, including the project keywords and project hero image as banner. Clicking on the project banner in the tab will take you to the project page for that project. There is also a toggle to set hero image if the image being viewed is not the current hero image for the project.
    • When viewing video files the sizes tab on the right panel now shows the available stills as well as videos and all are available to be created/downloaded as permissions/settings allow.


  • File Info Page
    • Automatic fullscreening now works again (was broken in previous patch)
    • Pressing cancel on a field being edited and then coming back to the same field and editing it will now correctly save the new value rather than ignoring it.
    • Multi value selection via the left hand value selector on a field now correctly overrides changes made at the same time to the value within the field.
    • Single and multi line fields can now properly be unset back to a blank value when in multi-value mode and there are currently multiple unequal values.
  • Vision Connector: Project filter list check boxes now work on all pages of results rather than just the first page.
  • Removed redundant settings from Image Sizes administration page.


Cloud Only January 17th 2019


  • Fixed an issue with the Albums list page where it might not render correctly in the case of orphaned albums
  • Fixed an issue with SQL rewrites
  • Project codes will now correctly take notice of the global system setting which allows them to be editable or not
  • When doing an advanced search via the 'search by' dropdown and selecting a custom field you can now hit enter to do the search whereas before you needed to click the button itself
  • Hero image banner for projects now appears properly in IE11 on the project page


Cloud Only December 21st 2018


  • New Zapier Integrations page which lists top 100 OA -> Zap integrations and is accessible from the user dropdown menu (top right) in cloud mode


  • New Upload icon in topbar can now be seen correctly in dark theme mode


Cloud Only December 19th 2018


  • Updated download and upload buttons across the product to new cloud style download/upload icon


  • Employee Photo Linker: Should now show results even if their processing_failures are > 0
  • Cloud SSO: Logging in to cloud SSO from a clientside url (eg: new file info or employee page) will now properly redirect the user (once logged in) to the clientside url rather than /Page/Home
  • Employees view page was incorrectly showing grid fields with bad values, now skips grid fields as intended
  • Employees view page now shows the correct value for boolean fields
  • File Info Page: Read only keywords view (and project keywords view) indentation now looks better
  • Project Page & Employees view page: Both employees and project pages now pick the 'banner text' field as the first multiline field with a value for that project/employee
  • File Downloader (Cloud): Now correctly creates missing non-video sizes when they are selected for a download
  • Fixed a few bugs with ribbon and carousel button positioning in IE11
  • File Info page now correctly loads in single image mode when using 'edit all' button in the carousel with a selection of only 1 file


Cloud Only December 13th 2018


  • Fix provided for rare instance whereby file info page would spin forever upon loading if the file being viewed had a created size which had subsequently been disabled on the image sizes page and no other target size had already been selected by the user


Cloud Only December 12th 2018


  • Uploader: Now shows all available custom fields rather than the user having to 'add' them to see them
  • Text relating to album sharing is now easier to understand
  • File Downloader (Cloud): Now lets you download video sizes and also only shows sizes that are set to be used in zip in the image size settings as intended
  • Search Ribbon & Selection Ribbon: Buttons have been moved around and grouped up and slightly redesigned to make more sense
  • Templating (Cloud): PDF Split / Combine and Extract are now available as built-in templates in all cloud systems
  • File Info Page 
    • Users can now specify the size (webview+customs) that should be used in the slideshow and this is sticky on a per-user basis. This allows users to set a very small size if they prefer and are on low-bandwidth connection. Or set a larger size that we typically would pick (max 6 meg by default)
    • Keywords pagination controls have been redesigned to be more similar to the similar images feature pagination buttons
    • Colours tweaked to make things a bit more readable on darker monitors
    • You can now add/remove files to/from your current selection via a toggle button at the top with a check-mark icon
    • The add/remove to/from current album button has had its icon updated and is now a toggle button in the same way as the new add/remove to/from selection button


  • Employees
    • Fixed a display issue with employees view page top right menu in IE11
    • Fixed a number of minor UI issues with employees pages
  • Image Processing (Cloud): PDF files with preserved illustrator edit-ability will still remain PDF files when uploaded rather than being reclassified as AI files


Cloud Only December 6th 2018


  • Fixed awesome template generation from project list page
  • Implemented dark theme support for employee list page, employee view/edit/role pages and project page employee headshots, and employee roles tab


Cloud Only December 5th 2018


  • New Employees list page redesign
  • New Employees view, edit and role editing pages
  • Employee role editing allows adding/editing/deletion of project roles from the employee perspective
  • Significant Project overview page layout changes
  • Employees and their roles are shown on the Project overview page on the bottom left
  • New tab on the project page 'Edit Employee Roles' which lets you add/edit/delete employee roles from the project perspective
  • File info page still allows files to be attached to employees and any attached employees now have a clickable link through to their employee page (which also lists files attached to the employee)
  • Brand new employee > file linker tool which can be run on one or more employees from the new Employees List page. This tool allows very fast employee headshot attachments by automatically showing potential attachment files based on the employee's name. This search can be modified to better find employee files if needed


  • Employees based templates now have the correct wording when running them on the new list page. Previously employees were referred to as projects
  • Fixed an intermittent bug when clicking very quickly between tabs on the File Info page which would cause tabs to get stuck on the wrong tab
  • Fixed some database artefacts that could occur when dealing with object links


Cloud Only November 26th 2018


  • A 'view in search' button has been added to the carousel, allowing users to view their current selection as search results


  • Similarity tab image results now support "open in new tab"
  • Similarity tab will display an error message if it cannot talk to the similarity service
  • Project Awesome templates are no longer mistakenly cached by the browser
  • Users with delimiting characters in their names no longer see a blank user panel dropdown
  • Hero Image autocompletes no longer show broken images for their Hero Image results. EG: Albums finder on file info page, or projects finder on uploader
  • Numerous minor UI issues with Similar Images feature have been addressed


Cloud & On-Premise November 12th 2018


  • File Info page
    • Image similarity is now available as a right panel tab on the File Info page when in single-image mode (Cloud only)
    • Right panel width has been increased to give more space for keywording as well as new Image Similarity section (Cloud only)
  • Various small tweaks to Image Similarity interstitial interface as well (Cloud only)


  • Minor issue in the REST API fixed where 'hero_image_id' wouldn't return on PUT requests


Cloud & On-Premise November 8th 2018


  • File Info page
    • Cursor keys left and right no longer cause files to transition between next/back in the slideshow while a field is being edited
  • Fixed accidental global CSS declaration in Data Export feature
  • Fixed an issue with path generation on On-Premise systems that affected drag and drop as well as downloading of files
  • InDesign plugin
    • Replacing files should now correctly update with the new file in documents opened by the plugin


Cloud & On-Premise November 1st 2018


  • Image similarity now available to all users (whom have access to search) on an indexed system (cloud only)


Cloud & On-Premise October 31st 2018


  • Minor fix to front-end similarity service REST API request filtering (cloud only)


Cloud & On-Premise October 29th 2018


  • File Info page
    • Logic around certain buttons showing or not updated so that all users can now correctly see them
  • Search Results: Copy Paths / Office drag&drop paths should now be correct even if the file format for the file size in question has been changed post-processing to something different
  • Various fixes and minor changes to make the release on-prem compatible


Cloud Only October 25th 2018


  • InDesign plugin
    • The message prompting users to download the plugin from the Adobe store has been removed. The dialog now points users directly to the help site page with manual install links


  • Uploader tooltips had a visual bug that has been fixed
  • Uploader thumbnails no longer show the number of fields attached to the file
  • Topbar checks bug fixed
  • Uploads to s3 will now retry a few times before failing out (s3 upload error in front-end). Occasionally s3 will throw an error but retrying immediately works fine


Cloud Only October 17th 2018


  • Templates receive correct image paths in cloud


Cloud Only October 15th 2018


  • Fixes an issue that prevented InDesign image relinking from working
  • Search Page Copy Path now gives the correct full path in cloud


Cloud Only October 15th 2018


  • Fixed a one-time occurring database change to 'cloudfront_live' to only occur once.



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