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Release Notes: New in OpenAsset 10

OpenAsset 10 Upgrade

We are excited to add new functionality to help you efficiently upload content into OpenAsset.  

How to Upgrade

Contact your account manager to schedule your upgrade. The upgrade process will require about 1 hour of downtime. 

Not sure who your account manager is? Then email our support team at support@openasset.net.

Browser Requirements

The OpenAsset uploader requires the use of IE10+, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Users of IE8 and IE9 will only be able to use our old uploader which does not allow you to assign files with keywords and other metadata during upload.

The New Uploader

The new OpenAsset uploader allows you to:

  1. Assign metadata to files during upload 
  2. Save an upload and return to finish later
  3. Create an approvals process 
  4. Shortcuts to upload from various pages 


Assign Metadata to Files During Upload

You can now assign keywords, photographers, copyright, access level, rank, and other metadata prior to adding the files to your library.This will save you time in tagging files and make your system more searchable! Just add files to the uploader, select them and tag them with metadata on the right side. 

Tag during Upload.JPG

Save an Upload and Return to Finish

If you start an upload and don't have time to finish assigning keywords, you can save your upload and come back to your "Incomplete Uploads" later. 

Incomplete Uploads.JPG

Create an Approvals Process

Using group permissions, you can create an approvals process that allows groups of users to submit an upload (with keywords and metadata assigned) to an administrator for approval prior to the files actually being available in the library. This can be set at the category level, so, for example, you could let a group of users upload any files directly to a Reference category, but they would require approval for files to be added to the Projects category. This flexibility allows you to have more uploaders, but still control the quality of the content being added to your library. 


Shortcuts to the Uploader

You can now access the uploader from the search results page, project list page and project overview, making it easier to add files to your library. 


How to Use the New Uploader

Visit our file uploader page for instructions on how to use the new uploader. 

OpenAsset 9 

In case you missed it, here are the release notes for OpenAsset 9. 


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