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Release Notes: New in OpenAsset 9

OpenAsset 9 Upgrade

We are excited to add new functionality for end users, administrators and IT.  

New for end-users:

  • Contact Sheets
  • Dynamic Watermarks
  • Print PDF
  • Single-file Download
  • "Create" Menu Removed
  • Multi-page PDF​s 
  • Widget - "Show in Search"
  • Search Auto-Complete Updates
  • Notifications - Do Not Send

New for administrators:

  • Deltek Vision Connector
  • Custom Fields
  • Text Rewrites
  • Clone Groups
  • Sessions page

New for IT:

  • NTLMv2 Support
  • AssetBar update
  • REST API updates

How to Upgrade

Contact your account manager to schedule your upgrade. The upgrade process will require about 1 hour of downtime. 

Not sure who your account manager is? Then email our support team at support@openasset.net.

Contact Sheets

Create a contact sheet from your search results page or carousel. Pick your page orientation, paper size, and what text you want included with each image. Then just download your PDF and you're done! 

Contact Sheet.png

Dynamic Watermarks

Our legacy watermark tool allows you to add a transparent PNG to an image size in OpenAsset. It was the same watermark regardless of the image being used. 

We are excited to add a new Dynamic Watermark to OpenAsset which allows you to create a watermarked version of a file which contains file and project-specific text. Include the project name, photographer, copyright, and other bits of data to your watermark. 


Print PDF

You can easily print one image per page. Click "print", pick your paper size and download the printable PDF. 


Single File Download

When downloading a single file, if a user only selects one image size, then they won't create a zip file of that size. They will just download that one image. Selecting more than one file size or downloading more than one file still results in a ZIP file.

Create Menu Removed

The "create" dropdown menu in the ribbon & carousel has been removed and replaced with "contact sheet" and "excel" buttons.





Contact and Excel.jpg

Multi-Page PDF

If you have uploaded a multi-page PDF, you can now scan through the pages, download and print from within OpenAsset. 

Multipage PDF.png

Widget - Show in Search

Image search widgets on the home page now have a 'Show in Search' button which launches in to a search view of the same images in the widget.​

Widget_Show in search.jpg

Search Auto-Complete Updates

The Search auto-complete has been rewritten on the backend, making it faster to load search options. We've also added some new icons to indicate different types of data. 

Search Bar.jpg

Notifications - Do Not Send

When sharing an album or saved search, the user doing the sharing can select if they would like to not send out a notification this time, while inside the sharing dialog. If ticked, when saving the share dialog no notifications will be created and sent. 

Deltek Vision Connector

By integrating your Deltek Vision database with OpenAsset, you can connect project data with project photos to create a searchable photo library that leverages Deltek Vision as the single source of project information. 

Vision Connector2.png

Pick the Vision fields you want to map over to OpenAsset fields and keywords. 


Custom Field Controls

You can now create and manage your custom fields without OpenAsset Support's assistance. 

Custom Field.png

Text Rewrite

There may be some text built into the OpenAsset that you want to change. For instance, you may want to change the name of the red access level, which is "Restricted Use" by default, to "Do Not Use." You can use the Text Rewrite functionality to make such changes. 

Text Rewrite.png

Text Rewrite2.png

Clone Groups

​Admins can now clone an existing permission group when making a new group instead of having to create a group from scratch. 

clone group.jpg

Sessions Page

There is now a "Sessions" page under Stats & Logs so that admins can see user session data.

NTLMv2 Support

OA's NTLM integration has been rewritten from scratch to include support for NTLMv1 AND NTLMv2


The AssetBar version 1.1 includes a few minor bug fixes as well as improvements to image size creation. 

Saved Searches RSS

You can now access a Saved Search RSS feed from the right hand side preview when hovering a saved search in the list page - similar to albums.


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