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Access Filters


Access filters can be used to selectively allow or block access to certain parts of OpenAsset. Go to "Manage" and then click on "Access Filters".




Access Filters

IP addresses can be separated with semicolons (;) or new lines. Asterisks (*) may be used as wildcards. For example:192.168.0.*; would match any IP in the range, and specifically.



Turning off "Anonymous" Access

You can turn off "Anonymous" access to OpenAsset by adjusting the Access Filter setting (displayed in screenshot above). This will force all users to login before seeing any OpenAsset content. 

To turn off Anonymous access:

  1. Go to the "Access Filters" page and add the "*" to the Exclude IP Ranges field next to "Anonymous Access"
  2. Remove the "*" from the Include IP Ranges field
  3. The click "Save"

Keeping Anonymous access on allows users to search the library without logging in. They will not be able to use the files, create/share albums, upload, etc. 

Note: We recommend turning Anonymous access OFF as a security measure. This will ensure that only approved users access your library.

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