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Access Levels


Access Levels are a simple green, amber and red traffic light system that allows you to easily control the extent to which your users have access to your content.

Every file in your OpenAsset system will be assigned to a specific access level, and your decision on how to categorise these different levels is entirely up to you.

For example you may chose to categorise Green Access Level files as being the best approved marketing files, ones that you have copyright to use externally. Amber Access Level files may be files that are not the best quality or ones that don't have copyright (internal use only). And finally, Red Access Level files may require final approval from marketing before being available for company use.

In each case your system can be set up so that only certain groups of users are able to view files of a specific Access Level.


View and Edit

The Access Level assigned to a file can be viewed and edited in the file's info page.





You even have the option to search by access level in the advanced search dropdown box.




Edit for Multiple Files

The carousel can be used to edit the Access Level of multiple files over a range of projects.

Simply collect the files you wish to edit in the carousel by selecting the tick box underneath the image thumbnail, then when you have all the files you require click the 'Edit All' option at the top left of the carousel.

Once on the 'Multiple File Edit' page you can change the Access Level of all the files at once. When you are done editing click the 'Save' button at the top left of the page.


Quickly Set Default Upload Access Level

You can set up your system with a default Access Level to ensure that all files uploaded are automatically set to that level. This option is particularly useful if the file requires final approval by an individual who is not the uploader.

The easiest way to set this feature is to change the settings on your category. (Although this option will set the default Access Level, a user may still be able to change this level in the advanced options of the uploader)


To set the upload Access Level simply select the Categories option under System Settings in the Manage dropdown box.





By clicking on the 'Edit' button next to the relevant category you are able to select your desired Access Level from the pop up window. Click Save to exit.




Manage Access Levels

Access Levels give you the option to have a tighter control over your content. You can set the parameters surround which groups of users have acces to what content by managing the group's Category Permission Settings.

You can even use this option to set the default upload access level for a specific group. As opposed to the method above, this option allows you to completely limit the Access Level a specific group can upload to (no other option will be available in the advanced uploader settings).


To navigate to the group's Category Permission Settings click on the Groups option located under the Security section in the Manage dropdown box.




Click 'Edit' next to the relevant group and then select the Category Permissions option to the left of the page. You will then be displayed with a grid of options that control what this particular group has access to.

Once you are done editing click save at the top left of the page.






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