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Configuring Notifications


Before setting up any notifications on your system, we recommend that you get in contact with your account manager to discuss the options available. 

Once you have a clear understanding of the notifications your require this page will take you through the steps to set everything up.

Prior to Setting Up a Notification

Here are a few things you might need to set up prior to creating a notification.

Set Up a Group

Notifications need to be assigned to groups of users, this is essentially the principle of the feature, hence as a first step you need to have a group of users ready to assign the notification to.

To find out how to set up a group in OpenAsset click here.

Set Up Email

If you wish to set up email notifications you will need to add your SMTP server address to your OpenAsset system. This can be done in the following way:

Navigate to your system preferences by going to the 'Manage' drop down menu and selecting 'settings' and then clicking the 'System Preferences' option under the 'System Settings' title.


From within your system preferences add your SMTP server address and then click the save option at the top of the page.


If the correct address has been added then you should get the following message appear next to the address:


If you type the address incorrectly, then upon saving the page the you will see a red 'connection failed' message next to the box. Please contact support at support@openasset.net if you have difficulties establishing a connection.

Once you received the 'connection ok' message this is essentially the task completed, however further down the page you have the option to set the response address for the notifications. This address will be unique to your organisation but if you require any advice on this please do not hesitate to get in contact with your account manager.


Set Up a Notification

Regardless of whether you are looking to create email, pop up or envelope notifications the method to setting them up is practically the same.

By this stage you should have a specific group set up to target the notifications at, and if you are looking to set up email notifications you should have the email feature linked to your OpenAsset system.

To start setting up a notification navigate to the group's settings. You can get to this section by selecting 'Groups' from the 'Security' section of the Manage drop down menu at the top of your system.


Once on the Groups page, hover over the group and select the edit option.


On the group's edit page select the 'Notifications Rules' tab from the bottom left of the page.


Then click the 'Add Notification Type Rule' option in the action ribbon at the top of the page.


From the pop up menu that appears choose whether you want the notification for files deleted, shared items or files uploaded. Click save once you've chosen.


A second pop up window then appears giving you the option to choose which methods you would like to use to notify the group.


As seen in the pop up above you have the option to lock the notification method. If you select the 'Lock' option for either In-browser alerts or Receive emails then this will stop any individual user from within this group being able to modify that area of the notification in their own settings. If a user does modify the notification in their own settings however, this does not effect the group's settings.

So if it has been set so that the notifications come in the form of pop ups for everyone attached to that group then, as long as you haven't locked the 'In-browser alert' option, if a user prefers not to have the pop ups they can just deactivate them in their own settings. Find out how to do this here.

An important point to make at this stage is that regardless of whether you have email or pop up notifications activated all notifications will automatically create envelope alerts. This is a standard aspect of the feature and cannot be turned off. What this essentially means is that you can set up a notification that has no email or pop up notifications and the users attached to the group will still see a number next to their envelope icon when the notification is triggered.

Once you've finished choosing the limits of the notification click the save button and this will take you back to the groups notification page. You will now see on the page that a summary of the notification, and its settings, is highlighted. If for any reason you wish to delete this notification click the delete option at the end of the notification's summary line.





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