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Copyright refers to who owns the image.  Generally the photographer will be the copyright holder, but there are some exceptions such as inherited or purchased copyright.  Some photographers who are commissioned to do a specific shoot may hand over the copyright, but it very unusual.   

The most common example of a copyright holder who is not the photographer, is a full time employee who has taken pictures during working hours.  These images would remain the copyright of the company that the employee works for. 
If you set up copyright holders and procedures, you must ensure all users adhere to these policies.
The copyright can be managed within the "Manage" section of OpenAsset.



You can easily manage the list of your photographers in OpenAsset. To see a list of photographers click on the "Photographers" link which is in the "Copyright" menu. 



To create a new photographer:

  • Click on "Create Photographer"
  • Type the name of photographer you wish to enter, e.g. Jane Smith
  • Click "Save"





To merge photographers, select the photographers you wish to merge. Multiple photographers can be selected at the same time. Once you've made your selections click "Merge".


To edit a photographer:

  • Select "Edit" next to the photograher name
  • Type the changes
  • Click "Save"




Copyright Holders

You can easily manage the list of copyright holders in OpenAsset. To see a list of copyright holders, click on the "Copyright Holders" link which is in the "Copyright" menu.  



To create a new copyright holder:

  • Click on the "New Copyright Holder" link
  • Type the name of copyright holder you wish to enter
  • Click "Save" and you will then return to the list of copyright holders




To merge copyright holders:

  • Select the copyright holders you wish to merge. Multiple copyright holders can be selected at the same time 
  • Once you've made your selections click "Merge"
  • Select the copyright holder you wish to merge all copyright holders as and click "Merge"
  • You will then return to the list of copyright holders





To edit a copyright holder:

  • Select the copyright holder then click "Edit"
  • If you have a long list of copyright holders, you can type the name into the box and click on "Find Copyright Holders"
  • This will bring up the relevant results, click on "Edit"
  • A small box will appear. If you wish to edit the copyright holder, type changes into the box and click "Save"

Copyright Policies

You can easily manage the list of copyright policies in OpenAsset. To see a list of copyright policies, click on the "Copyright Policies" link which is in the "Copyright" menu.  
It is important to get copyright policies in place.  There are many different types of copyright policy available.  Most image providers will supply copyright policies for their images.  You can ask photographers for a copy of their copyright policies for any commissioned work they have done.  
Photographs taken by staff members will have your company copyright policy. Images which have been purchased from external sources will have copyright policies attached.  If in any doubt contact the image provider.
Copyright policy features include:
  • Each Copyright Holder can optionally have 1 Copyright Policy
  • Link on the image info page displays the Copyright Policy
  • One large text field
  • Contain text and links to external pages
  • List page displays Copyright Policies and contains:
    • Link to a page for creating a new Copyright Policy
    • Link to a page where they can be edited



To create a copyright policy:
  • Click on "New Copyright Policy"
  • Give the copyright policy a name
  • Click "Save"





To edit an existing copyright policy:
  • Choose the policy from the list and click on "Edit"
  • Make any needed changes
  • Click "Save"



To assign a copyright policy to an existing copyright holder:
  • Go to "Copyright Holders" under the "Manage" button  
  • Find the copyright holder you are looking for and click on "Edit"
  • This takes you another window with a drop down menu of copyright policies
  • Choose the correct one and click "Save"
  • You will be taken back to the copyright holders list.  The chosen copyright policy will now be listed next the the copyright holder in the policy column.  If you click on this, the copyright policy will open in a pop up window
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