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The "Default Home Page" section allows the administrator to setup the default home page for users and control the settings for widgets. This includes locking settings for editing and widget layout.


Setting Defaults

Most of the widget preferences can be changed on the home page by the individual user, apart from the News widget.  Only the administrator can add news items through the "news" section.  

We suggest that the "Title" of all widgets are locked. To edit the preferences of a widget:
  1. Click on edit on the widget window. This will open the widget preferences
  2. Tick the boxes under the padlock icon to lock the listed preferences, for example if you ticked the box for "Title", the user would not be able to rename the widget.  
  3. If you wanted to only display a particular photographers images, you would enter the photographers name in the "Photographer" field and then tick the "lock" box. All of the individual widget preferences can be "locked" by the administrator.
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Adding a widget to the homepage allows you to highlight favorite projects, search terms, images, and other content. 

Available widgets are:

  • Company Albums
  • My Projects
  • Image Search
  • News
  • Charts
  • Browse Projects
  • Custom Content
  • iframe



You can create News Items in OpenAsset to make announcements to users.  These will appear on the OpenAsset homepage.  This is an effective way to communicate with the users to update them on any new issues such as new images available or prize winning projects.  You can also tag news items with a "Topic" such as "Company News" or "Latest News".

Create News Item

  1. Click on "New News Item" and name the news article in the "Title" box and click "Save".
  2. You will then be directed to the screen below in which you can enter your news article, give it a topic if desired and enable it.
  3. You have to enter a "Publish Date" and tick the enable box in order for the news item to visible to users.
  4. News Items can use Wiki formatting to create bullet points and links etc.
  5. When you have finished click save, this will take you back to the news screen.
  6. News items can be previewed in a popup window by clicking on "View".

Editing a News Item

  1. Click on "Edit" next to the news item you want to change.
  2. Click on "Save" when you have completed the changes.  This will take you back to the news items screen.

Delete News Items

  1. Click on delete next to the news item you wish to delete
  2. Click on "OK" to delete the new item, this cannot be undone so please take care when deleting news items.


News Topics

Like albums, news Items can be tagged with any number of News Topics.  This enables the user to find relevant information quickly and easily.  Topics could include:  Press Releases, Industry News, System Information or Competition News.

Creating a News Topic

  1. To create a new topic click on "New Topic".  
  2. Enter the topic name and click on "Save".
  3. You can then change the display order the news will appear if you wish.  
  4. Click "Save", this will save the topic and take you back to the "News Topics" screen.

Edit a News Topic

  1. Click on "Edit" next to the news topic you wish to edit, change the details as required and click "save", this takes you back to "news topics" screen.

Deleting a News Topic

  1. Slect the tick box nect to the News Topic and then click the "Delete" button.

Merging News Topics

You may find after a period of time that you have many topics which could be combined such as "Company News" and "Company Updates".  You can combine these together to create one "News Topic".
  1. Tick the boxes next to the topics you would like to merge.
  2. Click on "Merge".  This will take you to a new screen to confirm the changes, please remember that this cannot be undone so please ensure you do want to merge.
  3. Select which topic you would like to merge as and then click on "OK".


Chart Widget

The charting widget can be used to display some key stats for monitoring the library, such as the number of images uploaded per week.

By default, the charting widget will only available to administrators of OpenAsset. This can be changed by editing the "Widget Permissions” setting on a group.
You can control a number of settings including:
  • Date range (e.g. last month, last year or fixed range)
  • Name and IP address of a user
  • Interval on the x axis (e.g. day, week or month)
  • Type of measurement to display (number of images uploaded or use of the AssetBar)
  • Type of chart (e.g. line, 3D column or bar)
  • Auto-refresh (e.g. every 5 minutes)


Search term cloud widget

You can use the search terms to create a keyword widget which can be used by the user by clicking on one of the "search terms" to bring up all the images that have been tagged with that keyword.  The widget could be used a number of ways, including the "most searched" keywords or a defined set such as "sustainable" terms.

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