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The reporting feature of OpenAsset is designed to help you monitor the activity on your system.

With admin privileges you can navigate to the reports main page from the 'Settings' tab and selecting 'System Settings' where you will find 'Reports' under 'Stats & Logs.Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.37.20 PM.png


The feature's main page contains 3 sections that sit as tabs at the top. The 3 sections are:


This page goes through details of the 3 sections, as well as the System Health Check.

System Overview Section

This section presents an overview of your system content as well as identifying top usage stats.

From this section the following information is available:

  • Total system stats (including total number of files, total number of projects and total number of empty projects)


  • Usage stats over an adjustable range (including total number of clickstotal number of uploads and total time spent on system)


  • Top 5 stats (including top 5 keywords searched, top 5 project searches and top 5 used files)


Users Section

This section helps you to identify who the most frequent users of your system are, over a range of time intervals.

A chart is available on the left-hand side of this section that displays the top 3 users and their total activity in the following areas:

Simply click the dropdown menu at the top of the chart section and select an option.


On the right-hand side of this section you can find out a variety of information on any specific user.

The stats that you can view are:

  • Total number of sessions
  • Total number of uploads
  • Total time spent on system
  • Total number of clicks
  • Total number of downloads
  • Total number of AssetBar activations
  • Total number of shared albums
  • Total number of saved searches

Simply type a name into the 'Select User' box, hit "Enter", click the name and that user's stats will appear.


Uploads Section

This section displays a range of stats on the files that have been uploaded to your system. Similar to the 'Users' section, you can set this information over several time intervals.

The different areas that uploads are displayed in are:

  • How many files have been uploaded to each Project
  • How many of each File Type has been uploaded
  • How many files each user has uploaded
  • How many files have been uploaded to each Category
  • How many files have been uploaded to each Access Level

Simply click the dropdown menu at the top and select an option.


System Health Check

This section is designed to give you an indication of the physical health of your system, and includes information on CPU usage and disk space occupied by the system.

You can navigate to the system health check section from within the Reports main page by clicking the 'System Health' icon located at the far left of the action ribbon.


Alternatively, you can get to this section more directly from the drop down menu of the 'Manage' option at the top of your OpenAsset system. Under the 'Stats & Logs' section click the 'System Health' option.

The System Health Check page is split up into the following sections:





Downloading Reports

On the reports main page you have the option to download each of the report sections as a CSV file.

To download a CSV of either the Overview, Users or Uploads sections simply select that section from the drop down menu of the 'Download Report CSV' option (located in the action ribbon at the top of the page).


From the pop up window that appears select your desired time interval and click download.





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