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Troubleshooting Issues with Single-Sign-On


The following document will help you in troubleshooting issues affecting log-in to OpenAsset when Single-Sign-On is enabled.


After completing this how-to you will have a firm understanding of where to check for issues affecting SSO.

Is Single-Sign-On enabled?

For all issues with SSO not working the first thing you should check is if Single Sign-On has been set up correctly with the right domains, and ip ranges.


Next click edit on the current domain that SSO is set up for. The next screen will show you information about the domain, and IP’s that you can change along with instructions for how to filter IP ranges.


Are your browsers enabled for SSO?


  1. Go to ‘Manage’, ‘Security’, and click ‘Browsers’.



2. From the ‘Browsers’ page you can select which Operating System, browser, and browser version match with what you’re trying to use SSO with.



3. Once you have found the right match, click the box on the far right of the row to edit the browser entry. There will be a new screen that comes up where you can check the ‘Single sign-on’ box and hit save.



Suggested SSO settings for Browsers

Across the different browsers we do recommend explicitly adding the OpenAsset URL to the list of local intranet sites within Internet Explorer. You or your IT team can do this by navigating to your OpenAsset home page and then clicking the gear near the top right of the browser window and clicking ‘Internet options’



Then select the ‘Security’ tab and select ‘Intranet Sites’.



Next, click the ‘Sites’ button, and select ‘Advanced’


The next pop-up is where you need to add the exact URL that users access the site with. If your OpenAsset is setup under a specific domain such as images.company.com then the company.com may already be added which is fine.



Internet Explorer

Once the site has been added to the list of local intranet sites then making sure the box is checked in the ‘Browsers’ page of OpenAsset should remedy most issues.



    Enabling each version of Chrome within the ‘Browsers’ page for SSO should fix any SSO issues with Chrome. Once you enable the version, completely close out of Chrome and then reopen and log in to OpenAsset once. After that you should be good to go.

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