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User Creation for OpenAsset Cloud


While an administrator can manually create users, OpenAsset Cloud users can also create their own user account from the login page. 

Activate the User Signup Page

On the Manage->Users page in OpenAsset, you can configure the user signup portion of OpenAsset by selecting the "Automatic User Signup Settings" button. 
User Signup Button.png
Click this button will bring up a dialog allowing you to enable the user signup page and enter the domains that you want to allow. 
User Signup_domain.png

User Signup on OpenAsset Login Page

Now that the user signup is enabled, your login screen will include a link to "Signup Here".

User Signup_web.pngClicking "Signup Here" takes you to "/Page/Signup".

Note: This URL could also be given out directly to people by OpenAsset administrators.

User Signup_web2.pngThe person enters their information to create an account. 

User Signup_web3.pngOnce you click "Create Account" you'll receive this message.

User Signup_web4.png

Email Confirmation

The user will receive an email confirming their login. They will activate their account by clicking the link. 

User Signup_email.png

Clicking the link signs you up and brings you to this page.

User Signup_web5.png

And then redirects you to the login screen so you can start using OpenAsset.

User Signup_web6.png

If you enter a domain that is now allowed you will not be allowed to create an account and login. 

User Signup_reject.png



Users are automatically assigned to whatever default group you have established (typically the "General User" group. Groups are managed by the OpenAsset administrator. 

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