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Users can be added to OpenAsset manually or through integration with your LDAP/Active Directory. When integrated with LDAP/AD, your users will be able to login with the same credentials they use to login to their workstations. 


While you can assign some permissions to users, many more permissions can be assigned to groups in OpenAsset. All users are within at least one group.  


This area allows you to add new users, edit users and delete users. To view a list of users in OpenAsset, click "Manage" -> "Settings" -> "Security" -> "Users".


To create a new user, click on "Create New User". The following information must be entered for the new user:
  • Username
  • Full name
  • Password
  • Confirm password




To delete a user, click the checkbox next to the user name and then select the "Delete" button in the ribbon. Please note that this cannot be undone. 


To edit a user, click on "Edit". The following information is available for users:


User Preferences

To edit the preferences of a user, click on 'user preferences'. The following default preferences can be edited for the user:

  • Theme - Default theme
  • Language - Default language
  • Images per page - Number of images per page
  • Images per row - Number of images per row
  • Search order - Default search order of results
  • Thumbnail info 1 - 1st line of Information displayed underneath thumbnail on search results
  • Thumbnail info 2 - 2nd line of Information displayed underneath thumbnail on search results
  • Thumbnail info 3 - 3rd line of Information displayed underneath thumbnail on search results
  • Thumbnail info 4 - 4th line of Information displayed underneath thumbnail on search results

Assigned Projects

Projects can now be assigned to users. This helps to steer users towards the images they need to use. For example they can be assigned to all projects they are currently working on and then these will appear on the "My Projects” page or the “My Projects” widget.

Assign Project to User

To assign a project to a user, click on 'users' on the left hand menu and then click "Edit" next to the user you want to assign to. Click "Edit" next to the user you wish to assign a project to. Enter the project into the box and click on 'add new assigned project'. This has now assigned the project to the chosen user.

Delete Assigned User Project

To delete an assigned project, click on 'users' in the left hand menu. Click "Edit" next to the user that you need to delete an assigned project from, this opens a new screen, click on 'assigned projects'.
Clicking delete will only remove the assigned project from the user, it will not delete the project. Click "OK" if you want to delete the assigned project.


This screen allows you to add widgets to a user home page. To add a widget to a user home page, click on "Add Widget" and select the widget you want from the drop down menu, and then click on add. This will open the widget permissions window where you can control what the user can change by locking fields using the tick boxes.

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