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Web Downloads

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Web Downloads is a great tool for supplying images to individuals that don't have access to your OpenAsset system. This tool enables you to generate a link to share an album of content so that it can be download externally. Using Web Downloads will save you time as you won’t need to download content and re-upload to other file-sharing services such as WeTransfer and Dropbox.

How to Create a Web Download Link

First, you need to create an album, then you will be able to see the ‘Create Web Download’ link both in the sidebar when hovering over your album on the Albums page or under ‘Share’ when viewing the album.

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From the window that opens, you are then able to define:

  • Web Download name and description
  • File sizes to be included in the download
  • Custom file naming options
  • Options to embed Metadata into the files


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Once the Web Download is generated, the next window will enable you to set preferences such as:

  • Expiry date of download
  • Maximum number of downloads
  • Notification of first, last or every download


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Before clicking Save to apply these settings, you can copy the download link and send this out to recipients who do not have an OpenAsset account, enabling them to download the content from your image library.


In case you did not copy the link before saving these settings and closing the window, you can find your way back to the link via My Web Downloads (see below).

How to Manage Your Web Downloads

To manage Web Downloads, go to ‘Browse’ and then ‘My Web Downloads’


On this page you are able to see your live Web Downloads, edit the Web Download preferences (such as expiry date) and also see how many times they have each been downloaded.


To copy a link for an existing Web Download, click the 'Link' icon which will take you to the download page for the Web Download, where you can copy the URL from the address bar.




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