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Cheat Sheet for General Users


This "cheat sheet" is a helpful document that allows users to reference common tasks such as logging in, searching for files, using the asset bar to drag/drop to PowerPoint, InDesign, etc., creating albums, using the carousel and uploading files. 

Download a copy of this cheat sheet, customize it and distribute to your staff.


1. Getting Started

Login to OpenAsset using the username and password that you use to login to your computer.   

2. Basic Searching

Search for files in OpenAsset by using the search bar at the top of the page. Files are stored in categories, which you can select in a dropdown on the left side of the search bar. 

Category Search.jpg

As you type into the search bar, suggestions will appear that match your search criteria. You can search across project name, keywords, custom fields, photographers, and any other data stored in OpenAsset. 



Use the Advanced Search dropdown menu on the far right of the search bar to access other useful search options. 

Advanced Search.jpg

After you select search criteria from the search box those terms will create a search trail. Add additional search terms to narrow your search results. 


If you hover over a search term in the search trail, you will have options to "Exclude", "Remove" , "Clear Search" and Save your search.

3. Browsing for Files

"Browse" in OpenAsset provides you with another way to find, view and use files. You can quickly browse to all content in a particular category, project, album, file format, etc. 




4. File Info

When viewing the image thumbnail on an image search results, click on the image to go to the File Info page. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.05.52.jpgFrom the File Info page you can:

  • View and keywords and other data associated to the file
  • View and use the image in the various available sizes
  • If you have privileges, you can also edit keywords, add or remove images, edit field data, delete the file and rotate the image 

5. Drag and Drop Using the Asset Bar

The AssetBar is a useful floating tool that allows users to drag-and-drop images from OpenAsset into other applications, such as InDesign or PowerPoint. 


Click the "Drag & Drop" button on any of the following locations in OpenAsset to launch the AssetBar:
  • Search results page
  • Carousel
  • Image detail page
Once the AssetBar has been launched, select the image size you want to use from the drop down menu.
After you have selected file size required, you are ready to drag and drop your images into your document. To do this left click on the image and whilst holding the left mouse button down, drag the image from the AssetBar into your document or desired location such as a folder or email.

6. Albums

Albums are collections of images in the system for personal use or sharing. Albums can be great time savers.  If you have a set of images you use frequently you can keep them together in an album for immediate access.


These 'albums' take up no physical space on the server as they are just links to images within OpenAsset.  You can have as many albums as you like and can also share albums with other users or groups. 


To create a new Album from a search results page, click the "Add to Album" icon below the image thumbnail.




Then either pick an existing album or create a new album and click "Save".




You can also create an album from the "Browse Album" page. Just click the "New Album" button in the top ribbon of this page. 


7. Carousel

The carousel allows you to quickly create a temporary collection of images. From a search results page, select the checkbox below an image. The image will be automatically be added to the Carousel. You can add as many images to a carousel as you like.   




You can view your Carousel by clicking on "Show" in the lower right.




You can then use the images in the carousel to edit the images, create albums, PowerPoint presentations, CSV files, Contact Sheets, or drag and drop into various applications.  


8. Uploading

Uploading files is easy! If you have permission to upload, click the "Upload" button at the top of OpenAsset. Select the category (Projects, Reference, Staff) location for storing the files and launch the uploader. 



Once you have a category chosen, selected a project (if appropriate), and filled in the other optional fields (caption, description, photographer, etc) you can then begin to upload your files. The simplest way to do this is to drag a folder or files onto the page.


Once the files have been added to the uploader, click the "Upload All" button.

Upload_All Files.jpg

After the files have been uploaded you will see a list of files uploaded and a list of duplicates. 


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