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Deltek Vision Connector - Implementation


Integrating your Deltek Vision database with OpenAsset allows you to connect project data with project photos to create a searchable photo library that leverages Deltek Vision as the single source of project information. 

The Connector implementation is broken down into two phases: 

  1. Installation
  2. Configuration and Training

Phase 1: Installation

The Connector installation is conducted by an Axomic Support Engineer and will take about 2 hours. There will be some OpenAsset down time, so plan the timing of this installation accordingly. Review these Connector installation requirements in advance of scheduling a time with our Support team. 

Note: For clients transitioning from Knowledge Architecture's Vision-OpenAsset Connector, follow these additional steps

Phase 2: Configuration and Training

After the Connector has been successfully installed, your Account Manager will work with you to configure the field mappings and show you how the Connector works

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