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Key Decisions to Make


Most people have never implemented a Digital Asset Management (DAM) before. Our Axomic team has done it more than 400 times. Implementing OpenAsset requires organization, dedication and a number of small decisions to be made. If you can answer these questions then you are well on your way:

Ownership and Goals:

  1. Who is the OpenAsset owner?
  2. Who is the main IT contact?
  3. What are your goals for OpenAsset? (What would a successful implementation look like?)
  4. Are users from multiple offices going to be using OpenAsset?
  5. Is OpenAsset going to be integrated with a project database? Intranet? Other?


  1. Set a date for installation
  2. Set a date for rolling OpenAsset out to core users
  3. Set a date for rolling OpenAsset out to all users
  4. Set a date to archive the old folder structure

Initial Upload of Files:

  1. Will you be using the Axomic Data Migration service?
  2. What files do you want in OpenAsset?
  3. Are there any files you don’t want in OpenAsset?


  1. Who will upload files?
  2. Who will tag files with keywords?
  3. Who will tag projects with keywords?
  4. Who should be able to delete files from the system?
  5. Who creates new projects in OpenAsset?
  6. Do you want to use access levels to restrict the use of files by certain groups of users?
  7. Do you want to use Ranks to have top rated files appear first in a search result?
  8. Do you want custom image sizes in OpenAsset?


  1. What will your project keyword structure be?
  2. What is your file keyword structure going to be?
  3. Who will be responsible for tagging files with keywords?
  4. Do all files need to be tagged with keywords prior to rolling out to users?


  1. Who will conduct trainings?  (Who is your OpenAsset expert?)
  2. How often will you offer trainings?
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