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Keywords Samples


Here is a list of some commonly used Project and File keywords. This is not an exhaustive list, but it will be helpful when creating your own keyword structure in OpenAsset.

Project vs File Keywords

OpenAsset offers you the ability to tag both projects and individual files with searchable keywords. 

  • Project Keywords are used to tag projects with project-related data (i.e. Market Sector, Services, Location, etc).  When a project is tagged, all the images within that project will also be tagged with those project keywords. 
  • File Keywords are used to tag individual files with searchable terms (interior, exterior, rendering, photo, etc). 

Architectual Keyword Samples

Architectural File Keywords:

Elements of Buildings

Interior Design

Type of Asset


Assembley Room Ballroom/Prefunction Aerial Aluminum Birds


Bar Award Submittal Brass Cat
Balconies Business Center Concept Plan/Master Plan Brick, Masonry Dog
Ceiling Casino Detail Bronze Horses
Cladding Elevator Cab Drawing Carpet People
Column Executive Lounge Elevation Ceramic  
Entrance Fitness/Gym Illustration Chrome  
Exterior Guestroom Bath Model Cladding  
Facade Guestroom Corridor Photograph Composite  
Floor Guestroom Living/Bedroom Area Plan Concrete  
Foundations Indoor Pool Presentation Diagram Fabric  
Glazing Lift Lobby Professional Shot Glass  
Hall Lobby Lounge Project Sheet (PDF) Granite  
Interior Lobby/Reception Rendering Low-Emitting Materials  
Interior Design Meeting Room/Boardroom Scaled Drawing Marble  
Interior Lighting Office Site Plans Metal  
Landscaping Private Dining Room Sketch Recycled Materials  
Lighting Public Circulation Video Stainless Steel  
Reception Public Restrooms   Steel  
Roof Residential/Villa   Stone, Rock  
Stairs Restaurant   Stucco, EIFS  
Wall Retail   Vinyl, Plastic  
Water Feature Spa   Wood  
Window Stair   Cement  
  Suites/Presidential   Grass/Plants  

Architectural Project Keywords:

Project Type Client Client Type Services Year Completed Range
Academic Environments American Folk Art Museum Commercial Architecture 1975-1979
Acute Care Apple Inc Developer Interior Design 1980-1984
Ambulatory Care (Non-Hospital) Austrian Cultural Forum Federal Landscape Architecture 1985-1989
Auditoriums/Theaters BBC For Profit Master Planning 1990-1994
Campus Life British Airways Institutional Refurbishment 1995-1999
Cancer Center British Land International Structural Engineering 2000-2004
Central Plant British Museum Local Government   2005-2009
Commercial   Non Profit   2010-2014
Commercial/Mixed Use   School/University   2015-2019
Cultural/Performing Arts   Health Care   2020-2024
Data Centers        
Dining Halls/Restaurants  

Number of Floors

Building Functions  
Education   A. 1-20 Office  
Emergency Management   B. 21-40 Residential  
Emergency Medicine   C. 41-60 Retail  
Energy/Commissioning   D. 61-80 Storage  
Facilities Optimization   E. 81-100    
General MEPS   F. 101-120    
Geriatric Care   G. 121-140    
Graphics/Signage   H. 141-160    
Historic Buildings   I. 161-180    
Hotels/Resorts   J. 181-200    
Justice/Detention   Location - City Location - Country Designations
Leisure   Amsterdam Argentina Historic
Library/Information Center   Albany Australia LEED
Manufacturing/Warehouse   Boston Belgium Sustainable Design
Master Plan/Feasibility Studies   Burbank Brazil  
Mixed Use   Cairo Canada  
Office   Cambridge Egypt  
Office/Operations Center   Chicago France  
Other   Delhi Germany  
Parking   Denver India  
Performing Arts   Edinburgh Italy  
Public   Frankfurt Japan  
Residence/Housing   Geneva Norway  
Restaurant   Halifax Russia  
Retail   Hamburg Scotland  
Science/Research   Kiev Sweden  
Security   Lisbon Ukraine  
Sports/Recreation   London UK  
Sports - Community Center   Los Angeles USA  
Sports - Gymnasiums    Melbourne    
Sports - Recreation Centers   Miami    
Student Union   New York    
Transportation   Oslo    
Urban Design   Paris    
Women's/Children/s Health   Washington    

Engineering Keyword Samples

Engineering File Keywords:

Materials Building-Site Type Stormwater Management Phase Services Type of Asset
Aluminum Academic - Classroom Bioretention Analysis and Studies Aerial
Brass Academic - Dining Bioswale Commissioning Award Submittal
Brick, Masonry Academic - Research Drainage Completed Concept Plan/Master Plan
Bronze Academic - Residence Infiltration Construction Detail
Carpet Academic - K-12 Master Planning Demolition Drawing
Ceramic Adaptive - reuse Pervious Pavers Design Elevation
Chrome Athletic Fields Porous Pavement Fitout Illustration
Cladding Atrium/Lobby Rain Garden Grand Opening/Dedication Model
Composite Biotech/biopharma Rainwater Harvesting Groundbreaking Photograph
Concrete BSL (biosafety level)/containment Regional Master/site plan Plan
Fabric Data center/Command and control/IT Retention New Construction Presentation Diagram
Glass Dry/computational lab Water Feature Planning Professional Shot
Granite Energy Monitoring   Programming Project Sheet (PDF)
Low-Emitting Materials Green Roof   Renovation Rendering
Marble Greenhouse   Schematic Design Scaled Drawing
Metal High Thoroughtput Screening Engineering Elements Site Visit Site Plans
Rapidly Renewable Materials Mid-Rise (5-10 stories) research Automation and Controls   Sketch
Re-Used Materials Municipal Central Utility Plant/Site Distrubution   Video
Recycled-Content Materials Nanotechnology Chillers/Coolers Size (Square Feet) Programmable Controllers (PLC/PAC)
Regional Materials NMR Cogeneration 5,000 - 15,000 Allen Bradley
Stainless Steel Park Engineering Infrastructure 16,000 - 26,000 Gantner
Steel Parking Garage Filligre Structural System 27,000 - 37,000 GE Fanuc
Stone, Rock Plaza Solar Panel 38,000 - 48,000 Modicon
Stucco, EIFS QA/QC lab   49,000 - 59,000 N.I. Fieldpoint
Vinyl, Plastic Research   60,000 - 70,000 Omron
Wood Residential Infrastructure    
Cement Retail Balance of Plant Instrument Specification Building Automation Systems (BAS) Services/Deliverables
Grass/Plants Specialty Lab Space Boiler/Chiller System Integration Andover AF&IDs and P&IDs
Stone/Gravel/Pebbles Sports-Athletic Energy Monitoring System Automated Logics Building Systems Integration
Wire Transportation Instrument Data Sheets Delta Campus Control Systems Evaluation
Wood Urban Design/Planning Packaged Safety Systems Honeywell (EBI) Control System Migration Strategies
  Warehouse/high bay/anechoic/industrial SCADA systems Johnson Controls Controls Master Planning
  Waterfront Wastewater Pre-Treatment Controls Siemens Custom Control Sequences
  Wet/chemistry/biology lab   TAC (I/A) Custom Control Specifications
        Energy Conservation Sequences/Evaluations
        Instrument Location Plans
        Instrument Point List


Engineering Project Keywords:

Project Type Client Client Type Location - City Location - Country
Academic Environments American Folk Art Museum Commercial Amsterdam Argentina
Acute Care Apple Inc. Developer Albany Australia
Ambulatory Care (Non Hospital) Austrian Cultural Forum Federal Boston Belgium


BBC For Profit Burbank Brazil
Campus Life British Airways International Cairo Canada
Cancer Center British Land Institutional Cambridge Egypt
Central Plant British Museum Local Government Chicago France
Commercial/Mixed Use   Non Profit Delhi Germany
Cultural/Performing Arts   University Denver India
Data Centers   Veterans Administration Edinburgh Italy
Dining Halls/Restaurants     Frankfurt Japan
Education Services Markets Geneva Norway
Emergency Management Construction Management Commercial/Office Halifax Russia
Emergency Medicine Equipment Design & Fabrication Cultural and Public Hamburg Scotland
Energy/Commissioning Facilitiy & Equipment Commissioning Energy and Sustainability Kiev Sweden
Facilities Optimization Instrumentation and Controls Federal Government Lisbon Ukraine
General MEPS Integrated Project Delivery Healthcare London UK
Geriatric Care Preventative Maintenance Higher Education Los Angeles USA
Graphics/Signage Systems Integration Industrial Test Facilities Melbourne  
Historic Buildings   Mission Critical Miami  
Hotels/Resorts   Process/Clean Manufacturing New York  
Infrastructure   Science and Technology Oslo  
Justice/Detention   Utility Infrastructure Paris  
Leisure     Washington  
Library/Information Center Building Functions Year Completed Range    
Long-Term Care Office 1975-1979    
Manufacturing/Warehouse Residential 1980-1984    
Master Plan/Feasibility Studies Retail 1985-1989    
Medical Imaging Storage 1990-1994    
Mixed Use   1995-1999    
New/Replacement Hospital   2000-2004    
Non-Profit/pro-bono   2005-2009    
Office/Operations Center   2010-2014    
Other   2015-2019    
Parking   2020-2024    
Performing Arts        
Student Union        
Urban Design        


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