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Keywords vs Fields


When should data be applied as keywords and when should it be stored in fields? Good question. Use this resources to help you decide. 

What are Keywords?

Keywords are powerful ways to tag files and projects with searchable metadata.

What are Fields?

A text field is a basic text control that enables the user to type a small amount of text.

  • In OpenAsset, fields can be used for projects or files, just like keywords. 
  • Text fields can be searchable or not searchable in OpenAsset. 
  • There are a number of different types of fields available in OpenAsset.  

When to use Keywords vs Fields?

First, there are a number of project based and file based built-in fields in OpenAsset, including:

  • Project Name (project)
  • Project Number/Code (project)
  • Photographer (file)
  • Copyright (file)
  • Caption (file)
  • File description (file)

These built-in fields are already optimized for search, so you should use these as intended!


As for all other data, use the following guide to help you decide. Tip: When in doubt, add the data as a keyword and see if it works for you. Keywords are the most user friendly method for end-users searching for files. 


Meta Data Types Keywords Custom Field

Defined Lists

  • Asset types
  • Cities
  • Clients
  • Countries
  • Elements of Building
  • Materials
  • Project Managers
  • Sectors
  • Services

Descriptive text

  • Project descriptions (sentences/paragraphs)
  • File descriptions (sentences/paragraphs)
Data That Shouldn't be Searchable N Y

Numeric Values

  • Dates
  • Currency
  • Size (sq ft, sq meter)
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