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Training Users


Now that you’ve prepared to roll OpenAsset out to more users, it is time to train your colleagues! Use the following sample agenda when planning your training.

OpenAsset Training Agenda 

The following can be used as an agenda when conducting training sessions. 

  1. Review Benefits of OA:

    • Quickly find best project images

    • Improve (& restrict) accessibility to image resources

    • Automatically resized images

    • Easy to drag/drop to InDesign, PPT, Word

    • Create and share albums of images

    • Sync iPad devices to user albums for easy access (additional feature)

    • Easily train new staff

  2. Brief overview of homepage and how to login

  3. How to search for images

    1. Show the Browse Projects list to see a full list of projects

      • Show how to select favorite projects

    2. Review how to search

      • Plan your searches in advance

      • Determine some well known projects to use as an example when searching. 

      • Use various Project Keywords and File Keywords to filter the search results.  

    3. Demonstrate the "slideshow" view go to the image info page. 

      • Discuss how rank and access levels are being used

  4. How to use images

    • Drag/drop into InDesign or Powerpoint

    • Features and uses of the "Carousel"

      • Create a contact sheet

      • Download images

    • Creating and sharing albums

      • searching for albums in top search bar

      • Browse - Albums page for list and sharing

      • advantages of creating and sharing albums internally

  5. How to Manage Images (depending on audience)

    • Create and edit projects

      • How to sync with Deltek Vision (if applicable)

    • Tag projects with project keywords

    • Upload process

    • Tag images with file keywords

    • Create new keywords

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